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April 2018 - Motherboards FAQs    [ Miscellaneous FAQs ]
5 FAQs Found

Question Date
1 We have H11DSU-iN based system suffer BIOS problem, the electricity suddenly discontinued during the UEFi BIOS update process, now we're not able to get the system post, should we prompt to DOS to do BIOS recovery ? please advice. 04/25/18
2 I have a H11DSI motherboard and I tried to update the BIOS to the BIOS Revision: R 1.1 from UEFI Shell.  After I type the command to flash the BIOS, I receive a warning message "WARNING!! ROM file information does not match system BIOS." 04/24/18
3 What is the best way to populate 4 DIMM to H11SSL-i? 04/20/18
4 We're using H11DSi-NT with Samsung SM953 M.2 NVMe, when we set the M.2 PCI-E x2 OPROM as well as the boot mode to EFI and UEFI, system hangs postcode 92 during POST, any suggestion? 04/20/18
5 I want to use secure boot with ESXI 6.5. Each boot stops with some "Secure boot violation" - "Invalid signature detected. Check secure boot policy in setup" red window. 04/04/18

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