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FAQ   [ x8sil ]

Total Records:132

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FAQ ID Question Date
17906 On X8SIL-F using i3-540 processor and using CentOS 6.4, an error message "Your BIOS is broken; DMAR reported at address fed93000 returns all ones!" is seen during startup. This was seen even after upgrading to latest BIOS R1.2a.

Is this a BIOS bug?
17314 I had Super Micro 5016i-MR server purchased from you awhile back. I am trying to revamp the server to support a new RAID configuration (the server was initially setup with one SATA Drive). In browsing through your online manual, it states it supports RAID and I have gone through the BIOS and made sure that the SATA settings are setup correctly. Unfortunately, the only options I have to set are SATA or AHCI, but there is no RAID option as indicated in the server manual. 10/25/2013
17145 Can you help me to confirm if this chassis 813MTQ-R400CB:
would be compatible with X8SIL-F:
I saw from X8SIL-F optimized chassis list there are few 813MTQ::
CSE-813MTQ-280C :
17048 We would like to know if there is some kind of way to read out the power consumption/draw via IPMI for the following Supermicro boards:

- Supermicro X9SCI/X9SCA
- Supermicro X8DTT-H
- Supermicro X8SIE
- Supermicro PDSMU
- Supermicro X8DTU
- Supermicro X8STI
- Supermicro X8SIL
- Supermicro X7DWU
- Supermicro PDSMI+

If so, how we can access them.
If not, is there are any other (recommended) ways to retrieve the power consumption (we would like to monitor them via a combo of Nagios/Graphite).
16784 We have your X8SIL-F system. It sometimes reboot itself randomly. The only thing we noticed is that, around the time of reboot, IPMI logs error "OEM 0#x12 SEL", what does it indicate? 08/13/2013
16641 We have several X8SIL-F with 1U 4 bay Supermicro system( not sure about model ), and we recently see some automatic shutdown/power off. Noticed every time right before that happens, we see in IPMI log it gives error( impitool sel ): Type: OEM# 0x12 One of them is with older IPMI firmware, but another one is already with 2.66, but still gives that error, what that error mean? 07/22/2013
16078 Does motherboard X8SIL support RAID function? 04/26/2013
15939 I am using X8SIL mother board and I cannot create any onboard raid. Why? 04/05/2013
15828 I'm getting a CPU overheating error on X8SIL-F that is causing system not to boot. The System temp is showing 99C and the CPU temp is showing "Over heat". I unplugged the server overnight and it seemed to work fine for an hour or so. Then it started to beep. What could be causing this? 03/21/2013
15543 We install SATA 6Gb 12 pcs in to the configuration below. But only 11pcs HDD can be recognized. How to make all 12 pcs HDD being recognized? CHASSIS : CSE-826E1-R800LPB BACKPLANE : BPN-SAS-826EL1 M/B : X8SIL-F RAID CARD : Adaptec ASR-5445 (FW 18252) HDD : SATA 6Gb/s Hitachi HUA723020ALA640 *12pcs 01/31/2013
14765 Did X8SIL-F motherboard support 1.35V memory? If not, why does 1.35V memory show up in your memory compatible list? 08/31/2012
14683 I've got a supermicro x8sil-f motherboard mounted in a chassis which dont have connector for chassis intrusion. The machine alarms beep randomly. I've tried putting a jumper on the chassis intrusion pins but it's still red. any ideas? I had the chassis fans connected to a regular molex > fan splitter. 08/13/2012
14677 I have X8SIL with BIOS v1.2 (X8SIL1.819) from the website, but I cannot enter BIOS when I pressed "Delete" key by USB keyboard; PS/2 keyboard works ok. Do you have any fix for the problem? 08/13/2012
14668 Can I use the Xeon E3-1220 V2 processor on the X8SIL motherboard? 08/10/2012
14600 Does the X8SIL motherboard have any hardware encryption feature? 07/27/2012
14578 When we install a PCI-8164 card to PCI slot on X9SCA, then system is not able to get power on. And system is working well if without PCI-8164 add-on card. Any idea? 07/24/2012
14268 We have the following configuration: Model: X8SIL-F Rev 1.02 PCB Revision: 1.02 CPU: i3-530 Memory: 2 x 2GB, KVR1333D3D8R9S Chassis: Norco chassis We are getting one long continuous beep from the motherboard when trying to boot, unable to get into BIOS screen. The ram is listed on the Kingston website as being compatible with the X8SIL-F. Can you please confirm? 05/25/2012
14045 When I press the DELETE key on my USB keyboard before post on the motherboard X8SIL, it does not work nor does the F11 button work to get into main BIOS screen. 04/13/2012
13962 Can I use the X8SIL-F in SC523L-520B chassis? 03/30/2012
13892 We have 5036I-I. Specs on this say it supports raid 0, 1, 5. Where do we set the drives for raid? In the bios it only gives us the option of AHCI or IDE and under IDE we have disabled, enhanced and compatible. No option for raid. 03/22/2012

Most popular FAQs

1. I have your excellent Super Server 6013P-8+ and want to install Windows 2003 Server with a single processor. Is it possible to configure Windows so that when I add the second processor I will not have to re-install the operating system (OS)?
2. I plug in 4GB of memory into my P8SAA board but Windows XP only shows 3GB of memory. Everything works fine but why does Windows shows only 3GB of memory?
3. What's the difference between the 82579LM and 82574L chipsets for the upcoming of the socket type LGA1155 motherboard?
4. I have your X8DTT-IBQF. Can I use ipmitool to change the BMC ""LAN Select"" setting?
5. Windows requires a floppy disk to load the driver with the F6 key. My server does not have a regular floppy so I tried to use a USB floppy. Now the Windows load is stopping after formatting the hard drive partition and asking for the driver file, but it can not read it from the floppy. What can I do?
6. I can’t find the Windows Server 2008 32/64bit driver for X7DBE+ on your website. Where are the RAID and other drivers located?
7. I have this server : At the system initialization it hang with a post code “B7”. I try to search AMI bios post code on your web site but I don’t find them. Do you have a description list of AMI bios post code ? Do you know what means the post code “B7” ?
8. I just got my SuperServer 7043P-8R. I have completed installing the processors, memory and hard drives. When the Power is applied, the system BIOS displays and everything on it looks good but there is very loud alarm buzzer ON and I thought the power supply had gone bad. But all the LED’s on power supply are lit green which I believe means the Power Supply is good. Any suggestion on what may be causing the alarm trigger ON and how I can turn OFF the alarm?
9. I like to use IPMITool to monitor the system status of the X7DBU motherboard & the power supply. Do you have any manual or instruction?
10. I have a X7DCA-3 board and I cannot install VMWare because it does not recognize my SAS hard drives. What is the issue?

Latest FAQs

1. I am using IPMI. I am having trouble with a fan sensor. It keeps giving me readings while nothing is connected. How can I solve this issue quickly and easily? (04/15/2014)
2. I have to reset my IPMI to factory defaults. I have used IPMICFG -FD which did not solve my issue. I could use IPMICFG -FDE, but I do not want to lose my FRU information. What can I do? (04/15/2014)
3. There are two power connectors on X10SBA: one is JPW1,the other one is PJ1. What is the difference between those two connectors? (04/15/2014)
4. I need the Intel Provision Utility for my TPM module: AOM-TPM-9655V. How can I access to the utility? (04/14/2014)

I have an old SC836 3U chassis. I have power distributor: PDB-PT825-N24 and two power supplies: PWS-801-1R rev 1.1.

I want to upgrade to platinum efficiency power supply. I need at least 450W or higher, but less then 1000W.


Is it possible vulnerability for OpenSSL?

7. Does 5017P-TLN4F support Intel Quick Sync Video function? If yes, how to activate it? MB is X9SPV-LN4F-3QE. (04/14/2014)
8. I have bought the motherboard X10SAE-O, KINGSTON 32GB 1600MHz DDR3 4x8GB RAM Kit ECC Reg CL11 DIMM DR x4 and Intel CPU/Xeon E3-1230v3 3.30GHz LGA1150 BOX. After Power on the board beeped 5 times and 1 time long, that is, no memory found. Did anybody have this problems with this components? (04/14/2014)
9. I am using a Supermicro A1SRi / A1SAi motherboard. I want to power the HDDs from the 4-pin molex connector on the board. How much power can be delivered by the connector? (04/14/2014)
10. I installed two SSD and four SATA HDD to 7047GR-TPRF HDD trays. The first two SSD were connected to I-SATA 0~1, and the four HDD were installed to S-SATA0~3. I found after I created firmware RAID volume, two of the HDD status LED keep blinking even after the initialization was done. What could be the problem? (04/14/2014)

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