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Super Micro Computer, Inc. or Supermicro (NASDAQ: SMCI) designs, develops, manufactures and sells energy-efficient, application optimized server solutions based on the x86 architecture. The company's wide range of products include the industry's deepest array of server, high-end workstation and storage systems as well as energy efficient server components, called Server Building Blocks Solutions®, that include serverboards, chassis and power supplies; Supermicro's powerful Universal I/O (UIO) expansion card technology, and other system accessories.

Supermicro's product philosophy is primarily based on green computing leadership and system design expertise on performance and power saving technologies to provide efficient solutions that are optimized to best fit a wide range of customer applications. Clients enjoy flexibility and customization by utilizing a broad selection of modular and interoperable Server Building Blocks Solutions®, which can be configured to create complete server systems solutions optimized for specific customer applications. With this efficient methodology, customized IT designs can then be rapidly deployed and optimized for data centers, high-performance computing clusters, high-end and GPU-intensive workstation deployments, storage networks, as well as standalone server environments.

Established in 1993 and headquartered in San Jose, California, Supermicro employs approximately 1,000 people worldwide and has been profitable every year since inception, generating over $2 billion in sales during its initial 16 years of operation. Supermicro sells its servers systems and components through major distributors, which include value added resellers and systems integrators, to OEMs, as well as through a direct sales force.


Customizable Server Solutions (Server Building Block Solutions®)
Supermicro provides flexible and customizable server solutions to address the application needs of its customers. Its flexible design principles allow Supermicro to aggregate industry standard materials to develop proprietary components, such as serverboards, chassis and power supplies, to deliver products with superior features matched to the desired application. This Server Building Block approach allows Supermicro to provide a broader range of SKUs and offer more choice for customers.

Flexible Expansion Capabilities (Universal I/O or UIO)
Through its proprietary technology, Supermicro can offer significantly more memory and expansion slots than traditional server systems with a comparable server form factor. Called Universal I/O or UIO, this technology allows users to add up to 3 add-on cards to a 1U server system or 6 add-on cards to a 2U system. Supermicro UIO servers, in combination with a riser card and UIO card, can provide over 20 different networking choices.

Economical Power Efficiency and Thermal Management Systems
Supermicro's server solutions include many design innovations to optimize power consumption and manage heat dissipation. The company has designed flexible power management systems which customize or eliminate components to reduce overall power consumption. Supermicro's proprietary power supplies can significantly enhance power efficiency. For example, Supermicro's recently developed 720 watt power supply was the first Gold Level 1U multiple output server power supply in the industry. Supermicro has also developed technologies that reduce the effects of heat dissipation from its servers. Allowing them to achieve a superior price-to-performance ratio while minimizing energy and reducing the risk of server malfunction caused by overheating.


Supermicro adheres to rigorous design implementation and manufacturing standards to ensure that its products are produced with the highest quality and reliability. The company integrates only the best quality parts and components into its system boards, servers, and chassis. To ensure excellent performance even under extreme operating conditions, Supermicro products undergo rigorous environmental and intense computational testing. These quality efforts optimize system performance and minimize system downtime.

Quality Logo

With the objective to ensure customer satisfaction, Supermicro has sustained its success through cooperation with its technology partners. The company has built strong strategic and synergistic relationships not only with its customers but also with other key computer industry leaders. Another key ingredient to Supermicro's valued first-to-market advantage is its close partnership with leading chipmakers. These alliances allow Supermicro to leverage valuable opportunities in introducing a wide range of innovative technology solutions in the high-end server marketplace.

Supermicro products incorporate the very latest advances in hardware technology to anticipate the demands of today's digitally networked business world. The company's comprehensive line of server products provides customization advantages to boost system performance and to maintain operation stability under resource-intensive conditions. Supermicro's talented engineers apply their expert design skills to fine-tune each product and subsystem to achieve the highest performance and availability possible. Focusing on product quality and high-performance design, Supermicro solutions outperform and outlast the competition to provide the best return on technology investment available to its customers.


As a leader in energy efficient computing, Supermicro supports the Climate Savers Computing Initiative (CSCI) as a major member and Chair of CSCI APEC Region. CSCI's goal is to promote development, deployment and adoption of smart technologies that can improve computer efficiencies, with a goal to achieve a 50% reduction in computer power consumption by 2010. Supermicro's motto is: We Keep IT Green™.

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