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Press Releases2016 Press Releases

11/14/2016 Supermicro Unveils New BigTwin™ Server Architecture and Highlights Latest HPC Server and Storage Solutions at SC16

High-density Pascal SXM2/PCIe GPU and Xeon Phi™ processor Platforms Optimized for HPC and Deep Learning Applications

10/26/2016 Supermicro® Introduces NVIDIA® Pascal™ GPU-enabled Server Solutions Featuring Tesla® P100 GPUs at GTC Washington D.C. 2016

New SuperServer with 8 Tesla P100 SXM2 accelerators and NVIDIA NVLink™ for Machine Learning applications and 4U SuperServer supporting up to 10 Tesla P100 PCI-e cards with a Supermicro optimized single-root complex design

10/16/2016 Supermicro® Exhibits All-Flash NVMe and 3U/6U MicroBlade™ and IoT Solutions at GITEX 2016

Latest Technology and Architecture Innovations Include 1U 10 NVMe All-Flash System, High Density Blade and Embedded IoT Solutions Optimized for New Enterprise, Cloud and HPC Infrastructure

10/4/2016 Supermicro® Introduces NVIDIA® Pascal™ GPU-enabled Server Solutions Featuring Tesla® P100 GPUs at GTC Tokyo 2016

New 1U SuperServer with 4 Tesla P100 SXM2 accelerators and NVIDIA NVLink™ for Machine Learning applications and 4U SuperServer supporting up to 10 Tesla P100 PCI-e cards with a Supermicro optimized single-root complex design

9/28/2016 Supermicro® Introduces NVIDIA® Pascal™ GPU-enabled Server Solutions Featuring Tesla® P100 GPUs at GTC Europe 2016

New 1U SuperServer with 4 Tesla P100 SXM2 accelerators and NVIDIA NVLink™ for Machine Learning applications and 4U SuperServer supporting up to 10 Tesla P100 PCI-e cards with a Supermicro optimized single-root complex design

9/8/2016 Supermicro® Introduces NVIDIA® Pascal™ GPU-Enabled Server Solutions Featuring NVIDIA Tesla® P100 GPUs

New 4U SuperServer supporting up to 10 Tesla P100 PCI-E cards, 1U with 4 Tesla P100s, and 2U with up to 6 Tesla P100 cards, featuring Supermicro’s single-root complex design optimized for Machine Learning

8/29/2016 Supermicro® All-Flash Server and Storage Systems Deliver Virtualization at the Speed of Flash at VMworld 2016

All-NVMe Flash VSAN Cluster delivers up to 50% Increase in Storage Performance, All-Flash VDI (Virtual Desktop Interface) VSAN Cluster optimizes Performance-Oriented Graphics Applications

8/16/2016 Supermicro® Rack Scale Design, 8-way SuperServer with 24TB Memory, MicroBlade and All-Flash NVMe Servers Highlighted at the Intel Developer Forum 2016

Latest Server/Storage Technologies on Display also include a Dual-port NVMe Storage Server, a 48 NVMe drive 2U Storage Server and Next-Generation GPU and Xeon Phi Solutions

8/11/2016 Supermicro® Rack Scale Design Maximizes Next-Generation Datacenter Agility, Efficiency and Scalability

New Supermicro Architecture which Optimizes Compute, Storage and Network Resource Utilization to be Unveiled at Intel Developer Forum 2016 in San Francisco

7/26/2016 Supermicro® Shipping Latest Intel® Xeon Phi™ Processor Server Solutions in Volume with Intel® Omni-Path Fabric

New 2U 4-node SuperServers with the latest Intel® Xeon Phi™ processor for HPC clusters and workstations for developers with Intel® Omni-Path Architecture based 100Gb/s Networking

6/20/2016 Supermicro® Launches a Wide Range of HPC SuperServer, Storage, and Networking Solutions with the Latest Intel® Processors and Intel Omni-Path Fabric; Plus GPU and NVMe All-Flash Storage Technologies at ISC’16

Comprehensive HPC Solutions Include Intel® Xeon Phi™ processors (formerly code named Knights Landing) based 2U 4-node SuperServers for HPC clusters and workstation for developers, 2U Dual-port 40-NVMe All-Flash Super-SBB (HA-in-a-Box) SuperStorage with up to 5Tb/s aggregated throughput in a 42U rack for Lustre solution, 8-Way System with 24TB Memory Capacity for high computing and memory density, and Intel® Omni-Path fabric based 100Gb/s Networking Switch for high-speed interconnect.

5/30/2016 Supermicro® Exhibits New Storage, Cloud and NVMe Solutions for Intelligent Computing Ecosystems at Computex 2016

Latest Technology and Architecture Innovations Including 8-Way System, High Density Blade and Embedded IoT Solutions Optimized for Next Generation Enterprise, Cloud, and HPC Infrastructure

5/10/2016 Supermicro® IoT Solutions Connecting an Intelligent Edge to Cloud

IoT Optimized Server, Storage, Networking and Gateway Building Blocks Provide Broadest Range of Scalable, Fully Converged Solutions for Complete Internet of Things Ecosystems

4/25/2016 Supermicro® Total Solutions for Private, Public and Hybrid Cloud Accelerate Open Infrastructure Growth

Complete End-to-End Integration, Validation, Deployment and Services Maximize ROI through Agile, Scalable Cloud Infrastructure Total Solutions

4/6/2016 Supermicro® Presents its Total Solution for Lustre® on ZFS at Lustre User Group 2016

Supermicro Open Industry Standard Server/Storage Platforms with NVMe Options Increase Performance, Density and Reduce TCO for Software Defined Scalable Storage Deployments in HPC, Big Data and Life Sciences

4/4/2016 Supermicro® Exhibits New GPU SuperServer®, SuperBlade® and SuperWorkstations at NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference

Industry’s Most Flexible Portfolio of GPU Optimized Server Solutions Enable Next Generation Compute Architecture for AI, Deep Learning and VR Applications

3/31/2016 Supermicro® New Generation Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 v4 Server and Storage Solutions Shipping in Volume

New Computing Solutions Deliver up to 30% Increased Performance and 35% Improved Energy Efficiency with Strongest Support for NVMe in the Industry

3/14/2016 Supermicro® Debuts Simply Double Storage Architecture Optimized for Cloud, HPC, Data Center, and Enterprise at CeBIT 2016

Complete Server, Storage, and Networking Solutions Target Software-Defined Data Center, Hyper Converged Infrastructure, Big Data Analytics and HPC Workloads

2/23/2016 Supermicro® Debuts New Compact Intel® Xeon® Processor D Based Products and Complete Server/Storage Solutions at Embedded World, Nuremberg

New Range of Embedded Building Block Solutions Deliver 16/12/8 Core Performance and 6/4/2 Core Low Power Options with Intel® Xeon® Processor D-1500 Family

11/16/2015 Supermicro® Highlights HPC Optimized 1U 100Gbps 48-Port Intel® Omni-Path Based Switch and 2U TwinPro²™ SuperServer® Solutions at SC’15

New Solutions Optimized for High Performance Data Analytics, Machine Learning, and Software Defined Visualization

11/16/2015 Supermicro® Debuts New 4U 90/60-Bay Storage Server alongside 1U 4x GPU, NVMe, High-Density Server and Storage Solutions at SC15

GPU Servers, TwinPro™, 8/4-Way, Ultra, FatTwin™, SuperStorage, Intel® Omni-Path Architecture based 100Gbps Networking and SuperBlade®, MicroBlade for End-to-End Supercomputing

11/11/2015 Supermicro® Releases Next Generation UP Solutions Supporting Intel® Xeon® Processor E3-1200 v5 and Intel® Xeon® Processor D-1500

Industry’s Broadest Range of Server, Storage and Embedded/IoT Solutions Deliver Maximum Performance per Watt for Enterprise, Data Center, Cloud and Embedded Applications

11/10/2015 Supermicro® 1U-4U GPU SuperServers and 7U SuperBlade® Maximize Compute Density and Performance per Watt with Support for New NVIDIA Tesla M40 GPU Accelerator

Extreme Density, Energy and Cooling Optimized 1U 4x GPU, 4U 8x GPU and 7U 20x GPU Blade Offer up to 28 Teraflops of Single Precision Performance per U, Dramatically Reducing Time to Train Deep Neural Networks

11/3/2015 Supermicro® World Record Performance Benchmarks for SYS-1028GR-TR with Intel® Xeon Phi™ Coprocessors Announced at Fall 2015 STAC Summit

STAC-A2™ Results Set New Speed Record for Warm Runs of the Baseline GREEKS benchmark (STAC-A2.β2.GREEKS.TIME.WARM)

10/19/2015 Supermicro® New X11 UP Solutions with Highest Performance and Efficiency Support Latest Intel® Xeon® Processor E3-1200 v5 Family

Workstation, Embedded and Motherboard Solutions Offer the Industry’s Broadest Range of Skylake-S Based Platforms

10/18/2015 Supermicro® Highlights its 1U 4x GPU SuperServer, 2U TwinPro, 3U MicroBlade and 7U SuperBlade® Solutions for Exploration Geophysics at SEG 2015

High Density Compute Platforms Deliver Extreme Performance, Efficiency and Scalability for Geoscientific Research, Exploration and Analytics

10/13/2015 Supermicro® Exhibits All-Flash NVMe and SSD-based SuperServer Solutions Optimized for Enterprise, Data Center and Cloud-Scale Deployments at VMworld 2015 Europe

Latest 1U 10x 2.5” hot-swap NVMe High-Performance Integrated Compute and Storage Solution Supports up to 600 VMs per 3 or 4-Node Cluster

9/18/2015 Supermicro® Launches New 1U TwinPro™ Fully Redundant, Dual DP Node, SuperServer®

1U TwinPro SuperServers Featuring Dual Hot-Swap DP Nodes, New Redundant Hot-Swap Titanium Level Power Stick Technology Designed for HA Storage Head Node and Security Appliances

9/1/2015 Supermicro® Debuts 115TB All-Flash Software-Defined Storage Solution for Enterprise and Cloud Scale Environments

New High Performance, High Availability, Unified Storage Solution Supporting Nexenta and HGST Technologies Accelerates I/O and Simplifies Integration, Management and Scalability through Advanced SDS and SSD Technologies

9/1/2015 Supermicro® Debuts Embedded Motherboard and System Solutions Supporting the New 6th Gen Intel® Core™ Processor Family

Solutions Featuring 7 Year Long-Life Product Availability Optimized for Commercial, Industrial, Medical and Military Embedded and Internet of Things (IoT) Applications

8/31/2015 Supermicro® Exhibits All-NVMe Server and Storage Solutions Optimized for Hyper-Converged Infrastructure at VMworld 2015

EVO:RAIL MAX TwinPro²™, All-Flash Ultra, VSAN FatTwin™, SuperBlade®, MicroBlade and 4U 90x Top-Load SuperStorage Solutions Target Large-Scale Distributed Workloads in Enterprise, Data Center, and Cloud Environments

8/18/2015 Supermicro® Highlights Ultra 24x NVMe SuperServer®, 42x/30x NVMe SuperBlade®, MicroBlade, 90-Bay JBOD, SDN Switches and IoT Gateway Solutions at IDF 2015

Server, Storage, Networking and Embedded Solutions Provide Intel Developers End-to-End Infrastructure Solutions for Enterprise, Data Center and Cloud Environments

8/11/2015 Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University Deploys 438 Node Supercomputer on Supermicro® TwinBlade® and FatTwin™ SuperServers

OIST Sango Supercomputer Delivers 252.7 TFlop/s (Linpack Performance) and 3 Petabytes of Storage for Scientists Focused on Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development Research

8/11/2015 Supermicro® Showcases 1U 4x GPU SuperServer® and 3U/6U MicroBlade for 3D Graphics, Video, and Visualization Applications at SIGGRAPH 2015

Additional Highlights include Hyper-Speed Ultra SuperServer and 7U 20/30 GPU SuperBlade®, MicroBlade for High Performance and High Density Compute Infrastructure

7/12/2015 Supermicro® Exhibits 1U 4x GPU/Xeon Phi SuperServer® and High Bandwidth 2U TwinPro²™, 7U SuperBlade® Servers Featuring EDR 100Gb/s InfiniBand at ISC 2015

1U 4x Non-Preheat GPU System and Integration of Next Generation Interconnect Technology Raises the Bar on Performance, Density and Bandwidth for HPC Solutions in Scientific, Engineering and Commercial Industries

7/13/2015 Supermicro® Highlights 6TB 4U 4-Way 96x DIMM SuperServer® and 720TB 4U 90x 3.5” Top-Load Hot-Swap SAS 3.0 HDD SuperStorage® at Microsoft WPC 2015

Microsoft Certified SQL Server 2014, Fast Track Data Warehouse, Exchange Server and Server 2012 R2 with Storage Spaces Solutions Expand Business Opportunity and Accelerate Infrastructure Deployment in Enterprise, Cloud, Data Center and Embedded Applications

7/9/2015 Supermicro® NVMe (U.2) Solutions Drive Data Center Performance and Efficiency with Expanded Support for Intel® SSD Data Center Family

New 2U 24x and 1U 10x Hot-Swap NVMe 1.2 Configurations Start Shipping to Deliver Extreme Performance with 6x Bandwidth (IOPS) and 7x Lower Latency Improvement versus SAS/SATA-Based SSDs

6/25/2015 Supermicro Announces Open Source Solutions for Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Ceph and OpenStack at Red Hat Summit

Industry’s Broadest Portfolio of Infrastructure Building Block Solutions Combined with Red Hat Open Source Software Technologies Enable Innovation in Enterprise and Cloud Scale Applications

6/2/2015 Supermicro Highlights New 6U MicroBlade System, 4U 4-Way 96/48 DDR4 DIMM SuperServer, 4U 90-Bay Top-Load Hot-Swap JBOD and Future Shaping Computing Solutions at Computex 2015

NVMe Product Family, 1U 4x GPU SuperServer and 90x 3.5” SAS3 12Gb/s JBOD Extend Supermicro’s Broad Range of Server, Storage and Networking Solutions for Enterprise, Data Center and Cloud Computing

5/18/2015 Supermicro® Ultra Series, TwinPro²™, FatTwin™ SuperServers, SuperBlade®, SuperStorage, and 10/40GbE SDN Switches Enable Rapid Deployment of OpenStack Solutions

Industry’s Widest Range of End-to-End Server, Storage, and Networking Solutions Combined with Best-in-Class Software Partnerships Enable Complete Cloud-Scale Infrastructure Solutions

5/11/2015 Supermicro® Debuts New X10 3U MicroCloud with 8x Hot-Plug Server Nodes Supporting Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 v3 Processor Family

Compact, Modular Architecture Extends MicroCloud X10 Family Delivering Performance, Energy Efficiency and Ease of Maintenance for a Wide Range of Applications in Enterprise, Data Center, Cloud and HPC Environments

5/5/2015 Supermicro® Launches New High End 4-Way SuperServer® Solutions Supporting up to 6TB in 96x DDR4 DIMMs

New 4U/Tower/2U Platforms Supporting Intel® Xeon® Processor E7-8800/4800 v3 Product Families Deliver Wide Solution Range for Mission Critical, In-Memory Database Workloads in Enterprise Environments

5/4/2015 Supermicro® Extreme Density 6U MicroBlade Solutions Deliver Much Higher Density and Energy Efficiency by Enabling VLP DDR4 16/32GB RDIMM

Cost-Effective, Flexible, Scalable, Converged Architecture for Cloud, Enterprise, Video, Graphics, HPC, and Hyper-Scale Computing offer Industry’s Best Quality and Serviceability

4/13/2015 Supermicro® Debuts New 720TB 4U 90x 3.5” Top-Load Hot-Swap, SAS3 12Gb/s HDD SuperStorage® JBOD Platform @ NAB Show 2015

Wide Array of Server, Blade, Storage, and Networking Solutions Offer Increased Performance, Density, and Energy Efficiency Optimized for Production and Distribution of HD, 4K/8K UHD Digital Media

3/17/2015 Supermicro® Debuts New NVIDIA Tesla GPU SuperServers Optimized for Extreme Parallel Computing

High Density GPU Accelerated Servers Optimized for Enterprise and HPC Environments Provide Best Performance per Watt for Compute Intensive Applications, VDI, and Deep Learning Applications

3/16/2015 Supermicro® Green Computing Solutions from Ultra Servers to MicroBlade Transform Digital Business @ CeBIT, Hannover

Exhibits Include Extensive Line of Server, Blade, Storage, and Networking Solutions Optimized for Enterprise, Data Center, Cloud and Embedded Applications

3/9/2015 Supermicro® Launches New Line of Low Power, High Density Server Solutions Supporting Intel® Xeon® Processor D-1500

New Embedded Mini-ITX Motherboards, Servers and MicroBlade Optimized for Hyperscale Workloads in Data Center and Cloud Environments Offer Best Performance per Watt Featuring 64-bit, 45W 8-Core Processors and Integrated 10GbE

2/24/2015 Supermicro® Expands Embedded Computing Solutions with New Wireless IoT Gateway at Embedded World, Nürnberg

Ultra Low-Power Edge to Cloud Mesh Network Device offers Connectivity, Programmability, Security and Reliability for Data Sense and Analytics Infrastructure

2/2/2015 Supermicro® Highlights Ultra, TwinPro, and FatTwin SuperServer Platforms Optimized for VMware vSphere 6 and Virtual SAN 6 at VMware Partner Exchange

Server and Storage Platforms Accelerate Deployment of Hyper-Converged Infrastructure for Hyperscale, SDDC, IaaS and Public, Private Cloud Service

2/2/2015 Supermicro® Expands its Range of Low-Latency Server and Storage Solutions Featuring Hot-Swap NVMe Technology

Non-Volatile Memory Express Platforms Deliver 6x Throughput Gains and 7x Lower Latency

1/26/2015 Supermicro® New 1U/2U Ultra SuperServers Offer Flexible, High Bandwidth I/O with Greater Energy Efficiency and Performance

New Servers Feature 4x 40G and NVMe Technologies for Lowest Latency and 160W+ CPUs plus Titanium Power Supplies to Maximize Performance and Energy Efficiency


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