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Super Micro Computer, Inc.
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        Newsroom   Press Releases   2002
Supermicro Selects Adaptec Ultra320 SCSI for Server and Workstation Solutions
Supermicro Systems to Leverage Adaptec's Unique Ultra320 Zero Channel RAID Solutions

MILPITAS, Calif., August 19, 2002 - Adaptec, Inc. (NASDAQ:ADPT), the global leader in data storage access solutions, today announced that leading motherboard and server manufacturer Super Micro Computer, Inc. has selected Adaptec's industry-leading Ultra320 SCSI ASIC - the AIC-7902 - for design into its next-generation server and workstation motherboards and systems.

"The Adaptec Ultra320 SCSI ASIC provides our next-generation solutions with the 320 megabyte-per-second horsepower for data transfer in mainline storage, streaming audio/video, transaction processing and other environments where performance and reliability are paramount," said Charles Liang, president and CEO of Supermicro. "Our customers are calling for more bandwidth for their mid-range and enterprise-class server applications, and Adaptec will be instrumental in meeting this critical need."

Makers of next-generation servers and workstations are turning to Adaptec's Ultra320 SCSI because it doubles the data transfer rate of the previous SCSI interface and increases protocol efficiency. The dual-channel chip features Adaptec's Seamless Streaming™ technology, which maximizes Ultra320 performance by streamlining data transfer processing. At just over 4 Watts, the ASIC consumes much less power than competitive products and runs correspondingly cooler. Low power consumption extends card life to reduce total ownership costs and is important in systems where reliability is crucial. The chip's thermal efficiency also simplifies the design of small form factor systems by reducing the space required for heat dissipation.

"In the AIC-7902, Adaptec is delivering unparalleled performance and reduced power consumption," said Ahmet Houssein, vice president of Adaptec's Storage Solutions Group. "Supermicro's selection of the ASIC for its Ultra320 SCSI products demonstrates Adaptec's continued leadership in delivering premier Ultra320 SCSI capabilities to the world's top systems builders."

The Supermicro motherboards incorporate Adaptec's Embedded RAID Logic (EMRL), which leverages their on-board SCSI channels so customers can cost-effectively migrate from SCSI to full-featured RAID using Adaptec's innovative Ultra320 zero channel RAID controllers. The cards combine the cost advantage of a built-in RAID on the motherboard solution with the flexibility of an add-in card to provide robust data protection.

"RAID Everywhere"
Using two or more disk drives instead of one to enhance disk performance, error recovery, and fault tolerance, RAID technology protects critical data and accelerates information exchange in businesses of every size. Through its "RAID Everywhere" initiative, Adaptec is driving mainstream adoption of RAID data protection in PC-server, high-end PC and external storage markets by making the technology more affordable and easy to use. Adaptec has simplified RAID installation and support with easy-to-use management software tools and 24x7 global customer care. "RAID Everywhere" also includes new RAID product and technology development, compatibility testing with motherboards, operating systems, applications and disk drives, and RAID application education, all designed to help RAID data protection become a part of every server shipped.

About Super Micro Computer, Inc.
Super Micro Computer, Inc. has been providing leading edge technology to the market since its inception in 1993. The company operates a global organization with impressive growth in sales for the fiscal year 2001. Supermicro's headquarters is in San Jose, CA with sales offices in the Netherlands and Taiwan. From motherboards to server systems, all of Supermicro's products exemplify the best in design and performance. Supermicro's corporate mission is to be the first to market with best technology available, today, tomorrow and beyond.

About Adaptec
Adaptec Inc. (NASDAQ: ADPT) provides highly available storage access solutions that reliably move, manage and protect critical data and digital content. Adaptec's storage solutions are found in high-performance networks, servers, workstations and desktops from the world's leading manufacturers, and are sold through OEMs and distribution channels to ISPs, enterprises, medium and small businesses and consumers. Adaptec is an S&P SmallCap 600 Index member. More information is available at www.adaptec.com.

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