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SuperChassis 828TQ-R1K43LPB

Super Micro Computer, Inc.
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  Products   Chassis   2U   [ SC828TQ-R1K43LPB ]

Key Features
1. 1400W Redundant High-efficiency
    (Platinum) Power Supplies
2. 6x 3.5" Hot-swap SAS2/SATA 3 HDD
    Drive Bays
3. 3x 80mm 9500 RPM Fan
4. 7x Low-profile, Full-length I/O
    Expansion Slot
5. Slim DVD-ROM Drive (optional)
6. Front USB + COM Port (optional)
7. Full SES2 support is available with SAS motherboards and other compatible components.

Available Colors
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Product SKUs
  • SuperChassis SC828TQ-R1K43LPB (Black)
Form Factor
2U chassis support Quad-processor motherboard size up to
- 16.4" x 16.79"
Processor Support
Supports Intel® Quad processors
Height 3.5" (89mm)
Width 17.2" (437mm)
Depth 27.9" (709mm)
Gross Weight 52.4 lbs (23.8kg)
Available Colors Black
Expansion Slots
• 7x low-profile full-length expansion slots
Drive Bays
Hot-swap 6 x 3.5" SAS2 / SATA3 Hot-swap drive trays
  • 1 x Slim DVD (optional)
  • 1x 3.5"/2.5" fixed HDD bay (optional)
SAS / SATA Backplane
1x 2U SAS / SATA backplane w/ SES-II
Front Panel
Buttons • Power On/Off button
• System Reset button
LEDs • Power LED
• Hard drive activity LED
• 2x Network activity LEDs
• System Information LED
• Power fail LED
Ports 2x USB Ports + DB9 COM Port (optional)
Motherboard(s) for CSE-828TQ-R1K43LPB
Server(s) for SC828TQ-R1K43LPB
8028B-C0R3FT 8028B-C0R4FT
8028B-TR3F 8028B-TR4F
System Cooling
Fans 3x 80mm 9500 RPM fans
Operating Environment (System)
Operating Temperature Range
  • 5°C ~ 35°C (41°F ~ 95°F)
Non-Operating Temperature Range
  • -40°C ~ 60°C (-40°F ~ 140°F)
Operating Relative Humidity Range
  • 8% ~ 90% (non-condensing)
Non-Operating Relative Humidity Range
  • 5% - 95% (non-condensing)
Power Supply
Redundant 1400W High-efficiency AC power supply with Digital Switching Control & PMBus 1.2
AC Voltage
  • 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz, 15 Amp max
  • 100 Amp/115 Vac
  • 117 Amp/230 Vac
With Power Distributor
  • +5V: 30 Amp
  • +3.3V: 25 Amp
  • -12V: 0.6 Amp
Certification Platinum Level Certified  
  Platinum Certified
Regulatory (Power Supply)
Power Supply Safety / EMC
  • USA - UL listed
  • Canada - CUL listed
  • Germany - TUV Certified
  • EN 60950/IEC 60950-Compliant
  • CB Report
  • CCC Certification
Standard Parts List
  Part Number Qty Description
Chassis CSE-828TQ-R1K43LPB 1 2U Black Chassis
Backplane BPN-SAS-828TQ 1 Sup 6x SAS/SATA hdd; SATA con
Cable 1 CBL-0157L 1 8 pin to 8 pin ribbon SGPIO cable with tube , 40cm, PBF
Cable 2 CBL-0044L 6 SATA CABLE 57.5CM FLAT S-S PBF. 26AWG flat
Power Supply PWS-1K43F-1R 2 1400W redundant digital power supply
Power Supply PWS-1K41F-1R 2 1400W 1U GOLD LEVEL PWS W/ PM BUS & WX106MM
Power Supply PWS-1K43F-1R 2 1400W redundant digital power supply
Power Supply MCP-250-00001-00 2 EMI FILTER FOR AC POWER CABLE
Power Distributor PDB-PT828-3824 1 PDB for new SC828 with 3x8pin to support X9 Quad.
Cable 3 CBL-0174L 2 US power cord 14AWG 6ft, PBF.2.08mm^2
Cable 4 CBL-0154L 2 AC POWER CABLE FOR SC818, 36.5CM PBF
Cable 5 CBL-0071L 1 ROUND 16 pin TO 16 PIN RIBBON FP CABLE 75cm. 28AWG
Peripheral Drive 1 MCP-290-00007-01 1 Black DVD dummy cover for SC825, 836
Fan 1 FAN-0118L4 3 80 x 80 x 38 mm, 9.5K RPM, 4-pin PWM Fan, Hot
Front Panel FPB-FP836-D 1 Front control board Dual color LED(FP836-D)forSC823M,825,825M,828,829,835,836
Fan Holder MCP-320-82801-0N 1 3x 8cm fan middle bracket for SC828 rev K
Drive Tray(s) MCP-220-82502-0B 1 Black fixed 3.5
Drive Tray(s) MCP-220-00023-01 1 Black USB dummy tray support 1x 2.5" slim HDD for SC825, 836
Drive Tray(s) MCP-220-00075-0B 6 Black gen 5.5 hot-swap 3.5\" HDD tray
Drive Tray(s) MCP-220-00081-0N 1 3.5" dummy HDD (hollow-panned) for MCP-220-00075-0B,RoHS/REACH,PBF
Drive Tray(s) MCP-220-00024-1B 1 MCP-220-00024-0B without dummy HDD
Mounting Rails MCP-290-00053-0N 1 Rail set, quick/quick, default for 2,3U 17.2\"W
Mounting Rails MCP-290-00115-0N 1 Inner rail, quick-release type
Mounting Rails MCP-290-00113-0N 1 Outer rail, quick-release type
Rear Window MCP-240-00037-00 1 Rear window for SC828 LP
Optional Parts List
  Part Number Qty Description
Heatsink / Retention - - Please refer to our Thermal Components Matrix
Air Shroud MCP-310-82804-0B - Mylar Air Shroud for SC828 (X8QBE/6-F rev 1.11)
MCP-310-82805-0B - Mylar air shroud for SC828 (X9QRi/7-TF+,X8QBE/6-(L)F)
Cable Management Arm MCP-290-00073-0N -
Supermicro Cable Management Arm for 2U, 3U and 4U chassis (Extendable Length: 70mm to 830mm)
Mounting Rails MCP-290-00058-0N - 19" to 26.6" rail set, quick/quick, optional for 2U, 3U 17.2" W chassis
Peripheral Drives FPD-TEAC-S(B)
Slim TEAC Floppy Drive (B = Black)
Slim Floppy Drive Kit
Black USB/COM port tray
Peripheral Drives DVM-TEAC-824B
Black slim IDE DVD (8x DVD, 24x CDR), TEAC
Black slim IDE DVD (8x DVD, 24x CDR), Panasonic
Black slim SATA DVD (8x DVD, 24x CDR), TEAC
Black slim SATA DVD (8x DVD, 24x CDR), Panasonic
Slim IDE DVD kit (include backplane, cable)
Slim SATA DVD kit (include backplane, cable)
Front Bezel
( Compatibility Table )
MCP-210-82503-0B -
Front Bezel Cover, Black (optional)
LCD/OLED Solutions - - Please reference the LCD/OLED Display Solutions for details
Adaptor HDD carrier MCP-220-00043-0N - Adaptor HDD carrier to install 2.5" HDD in 3.5" HDD tray
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