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Supermicro Ultra/WIO/UIO servers allow users to select from a wide range of I/O options to provide the ultimate in storage and networking flexibility. When installed, a Supermicro UIO card becomes part of the serverboard, and the system still retains all of its PCI-Express and PCI-X slots for expansion cards. In addition to enabling customizable configurations and optimization for a wide range of application requirements, Supermicro WIO/UIO servers also provide cost advantages and investment protection.

Future upgrades can be achieved by replacing the WIO/UIO card and/or expansion cards instead of replacing entire systems. Without any WIO/UIO or expansion cards, a WIO/UIO system functions as a cost-effective server. With a WIO/UIO card installed, one WIO/UIO server supports SAS/SATA RAID5, 4Gbit Ethernet, 10Gbit Ethernet, or Infiniband. This versatility minimizes the number of servers customers require to operate their business.

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UIO / WIO Advantages

Without UIO Card = Cost-effective Server

With UIO Card = Flexible Storage/Networking Server
Additional expansion slot(s) available for more add-on cards


• Maximized I/O Expandability and Flexibility
• Supports 3 add-on cards in 1U, and 7 add-on cards in 2U
• Highly upgradeable
• High-efficiency power (up to 94%) delivers significant energy cost savings
   (Efficiency measurement based on typical system configurations and operational loadings)
• Multiple expansion card options - Options include SAS/SATA RAID5, 10Gb Ethernet, Infiniband.
• Attachable/detachable Supermicro WIO/UIO module from the mainboard
• Easy & cost-effective upgrade to upcoming technologies
• Full line of DP and UP systems available in 1U as well as 2U, 3U and 4U form factors
• Improves inventory control and management

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