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Tylersburg / Nehalem SolutionsIntel® Cluster Ready

BenefitsSupermicro ICR Cluster Certification Program

The purpose of the Supermicro ICR cluster certification program is to make it easier for resellers to specify and to deploy HPC clusters for their customers, and to make it easier for these customers to use the cluster system they have purchased. Supermicro has partnered with ISVs and Intel to help resellers to achieve these goals.

BenefitsSupermicro Benefits

Reduce complexity: Supermicro and its ISV partners have invested a significant amount of effort in each certified cluster reference design (recipe) to ensure that all elements of the cluster function together correctly and at the expected performance levels. There is no longer a need to specify and verify that combinations of hardware, BIOS / firmware revs and settings, OS, rev, configuration, and cluster admin tools will all function correctly together.

Save time and costs: The Cluster Checker tool, provided by Intel as part of the ICR program, systematically checks each server in the cluster and each major subsystem in each server for functionality and performance. This accelerates and automates the process of locating problems so that reseller personnel can rapidly fix them. The result is faster deployment and lower support costs.

Minimize risk: The reseller is assured beforehand that indeed, "this software is certified by the vendor for your cluster configuration." All of the required libraries are in the correct locations and the cluster has the proper mix of CPU, memory bandwidth, interconnect performance and disk capacity and performance.

BenefitsSupermicro Solutions

Supermicro's cluster solutions are based on its award winning Twin family [1U / 2U] and SuperBlade® architectures, that incorporate cluster operating systems from a growing number of ISVs such as Clustercorp, ClusterVision, and cluster checking software from Intel. Together, these provide resellers with a full spectrum of cluster support from Supermicro hardware and firmware, through ISV cluster operating system software, to Intel ICR cluster "recipes" (reference designs) and cluster certifications.


BenefitsICR Certified Configurations

SuperBlade® Clusters Collateral & Materials

        High Performance Cluster with IB
  • Target:
    Power Users and Workgroups
  • Location:
    Machine Rooms / Data Centers
  • Capability:
    Maximum Performance for HPC ISV Applications

        Office Cluster with GbE
  • Target :
    Power Users and Workgroups
  • Location :
    Office or Cubicle
  • Capability :
    Balanced Performance, Electric Power, and Acoustics

1U Twin Clusters Collateral & Materials

        High Performance Cluster with IB
  • Target :
    Power Users / Workgroups or HPC Cluster for Cloud Computing
  • Location :
    Machine Rooms / Data Centers
  • Capability :
    Maximum Performance for HPC ISV Applications

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