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Power Supplies

Supermicro Power Supplies

Supermicro's wide range of high efficiency power supplies offer many important features including Titanium Level efficiency, digital switching control, super quiet operation, redundancy, DC inputs, FCC Class B certification, remote monitoring with PMBus, support for GPUs/graphics cards, Supermicro's signature server level quality and reliability; in a variety of form factors and capacities. The latest Titanium Level (96%+) power supplies provide the greatest power efficiencies for highest electric power savings that is so significant that it can virtually pay for the power supply itself.

Supermicro's power supplies are designed for enterprise level applications where high quality and reliability are critical, and where the highest power efficiencies are required to reduce TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). With strong experience in the server systems market, Supermicro is experienced in testing and validating these power supplies in all relevant enterprise environments under all necessary operating conditions, compiling long operating records for multiple applications.

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Titanium Level (96%) High-efficiency Digital Switching power supplies

Power Supply with Digital Switching Control
2000W Redundant Titanium Level Power Supplies
Total Output Power
  • 1000W/1800W/1980W/2000W
AC Input
  • 100-127 V, 50-60 Hz
  • 200-220 V, 50-60 Hz
  • 220-230 V, 50-60 Hz
  • 230-240 V, 50-60 Hz
  • Max: 83.3A & Min: 0A (100Vac-127Vac)
  • Max: 150A & Min: 0A (200Vac-220Vac)
  • Max: 165A & Min: 0A (220Vac-230Vac)
  • Max: 166.7A & Min: 0A (230Vac-240Vac)
  • Max: 1A / Min: 0A
Certification Titanium Level96%    Titanium Level
    [ Test Report ]

Power Supply
1600W Redundant Titanium Level Single Output Power Supplies
AC Input
  • 800W Output @ 100-140V, 7-10A, 50-60Hz
  • 1600W Output @ 180-240V, 8-11A, 50-60Hz
DC Output
  • 800W: +12V/67A, +5Vsb/1A
  • 1600W: +12V/133A, +5Vsb/1A
Certification Titanium Level Certified96%    Titanium Level
    [ Test Report ]

Power Supply with Power Distributor
800/1000W Redundant Titanium Level Single Output Power Supplies
  • 100-127Vac / 50-60Hz 200-240Vac / 50-60Hz
  •   Max: 66.7A & Min. 0A (100-127Vac)
  •   Max: 83A & Min. 0A (200-240Vac)
  •   Max: 4A
  •   Min: 0A
Certification Titanium Level Certified96%    Titanium Level Certified
  [ Test Report ]

Ultra Power Supply
1000W Redundant Titanium Level Power Supplies with PMBus
Total Output Power
  • 800W/1000W
(W x H x L)
  • 73.5 x 40 x 203 mm
  • 100-127Vac / 9.8 - 7A / 50-60Hz
  • 200-240Vac / 7 - 5A / 50-60Hz
  • Max: 66.7A / Min: 0A (100-127Vac)
  • Max: 83A / Min: 0A (200-240Vac)
12V SB
  • Max: 2.1A / Min: 0A
Output Type
  • 25 Pairs Gold Finger Connector
Certification Titanium Level96%    Titanium Level
    [ Test Report ]

Digital Switching Power Supply

  • Different name referring to the use of digital switching control in power supply: Digital Power Supply, Digital Controlled, DSP Controlled, etc.
  • Most server power supplies are designed as switching mode power supplies.
    There will be power transistors turning on and off harmonically. That on/off signal is driven by PWM signal controller.
  • Digital switching is achieved by implementing a micro-controller to generate PWM signal instead of the conventional analogue circuit.

Advantages of Power Supplies with Digital Switching

  • Improved overall power efficiency, reduced energy consumption.
  • Improved power factor correction, reduced infrastructural cost and VA requirement for the system.
  • Reduced total harmonic distortion (THD), reduced power transmission loss and prevented equipment damages due to THD.
  • Power supply status is more flexibly monitored and controlled in real time.
  • Reduced circuit components, enhanced system reliability.

96%+ Efficiency Digital Power vs. Non-Digital Power Performance

  • Power Efficiency improved 5% - 10% at lighter load [chart]
  • Power Factor gained 5% - 10% at lighter load [chart]
  • Current THD reduced by 15%, power transmission loss [chart]
  • Real-Time Monitoring & Enhanced System Reliability

Titanium Level PWS

80PLUS Titanium 96%

PWS-2K04A-1R (2000W)
[ Test Report ]

PWS-1K68A-1R (1680W)
[ Test Report ]

PWS-1K23A-1R (1200W)
[ Test Report ]

PWS-1K22A-1R (1200W)
[ Test Report ]

PWS-1K03A-1R (1000W)
[ Test Report ]

PWS-1K02A-1R (1000W)
[ Test Report ]

Platinum Level PWS

80PLUS Platinum

PWS-3K01-BR (3000W)
[ Test Report ]

PWS-2K53-BR (2500W)
[ Test Report ]

PWS-1K81P-1R (1800W)
[ Test Report ]

PWS-1K62P-1R (1620W)
[ Test Report ]

PWS-1k28P-SQ (1280W)
[ Test Report ]

PWS-1k25P-PQ (1200W)
[ Test Report ]

PWS-982P-1R (980W)
[ Test Report ]

PWS-920P-SQ (920W)
[ Test Report ]

PWS-920P-1R (920W)
[ Test Report ]

PWS-741P-1R (740W)
[ Test Report ]

PWS-707P-1R (750W)
[ Test Report ]

PWS-706P-1R (750W)
[ Test Report ]

PWS-605P-1H (600W)
[ Test Report ]

PWS-504P-1R (500W)
[ Test Report ]

PWS-503P-1R (500W)
[ Test Report ]

PWS-501P-1R (500W)
[ Test Report ]

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Power Supplies by 80Plus
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