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Category:  Other
Keyword:  LED
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Question Date
1 We purchased a 2028R-ACR24H and I am having a hard time getting all the leds on the backplane to work the same. The right 3rd of the disks will not keep the blue power leds light post start up. When the box first fires up I can see the backplane check the drives and all the lights work, but the last 8 leds turn off. 04/08/16
2 I have the HDDs connected to X10DRC-LN4+ / X10DRL-C onboard SAS 3108 controller.

Could you let me know if the front panel HDD LED (from JF1 header) blinks when the data is being accessed? Please advise.
3 I tried the DOS utility “MDU_VNR” - sgpio function and received the error below. Then the first two drive lights start to blink. I have four drives with direct attach backplane. Do you know what the test is testing and what the error message means?

> sgpio –a test Sgpio 0 loopback test fail!! Sgpio 1 loopback test fail!!
4 Does AOC-SAS2LP-MV8 support SGPIO/SES?
5 I am adding SC837E26-RJBOD1 to my AOC-S2208L-H8IR to enlarge my storage size. I found some of my JBOD blinking in RED and some blinking in BLUE when I run the megacli PdLocate command. According to faq16980, they should blink in RED with activity LED. DO I have to update backplane firmware to fix the problem? 03/24/15
6 I have 5018D-MTLN4F. I tried to push “power” button, all four eThernet ports LED are on. The network function is ok. After shutdown window 7, there is only one LED(left-down) working, is that normal ? 03/13/15
7 I have a blade enclosure SBE-714Q. I saw a flashing yellow light on the front of the chassis (upper right corner side). All my blades are running. I don’t see any report about it. Can you tell me what the flashing yellow light means? 01/02/15
8 I have an urgent request for the Barebone SYS-6017R-N3RF4+. Is there a utility support in Linux OS that could light up the drive LED on the front drives identification? 10/10/14
9 I have two X9DRI-F that constantly show the warning light in front "i" information LED. Both board boot up just fine, can access BIOS and IPMI and load windows,but the warning light is constantly on.
Bios is 3.0a; Ipmi: 3.15; The chassis we were using are SC836E26 and SC745TQ Chassis. I have checked the IPMI logs and there is no entries listed except for Chassis intrusion. I have also reset IPMI and reset to Factory defaults, but does fix the problem.
10 The solid LED on the backplane doesn't turn on when I connect my SATA3 hard drive to my SC833T-653B chassis. 08/22/14

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