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Category:  Other
Keyword:  LED
47 FAQs Found

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Question Date
1 Why does your SGPIO have 3 pins only while the spec is 4 pins on X9DBL-3F? 03/16/14
2 When using SAS3 RAID controllers (3008, 3108) with the CBL-SAST-0556 miniSAS HD to 4 SATA with sideband cable connecting to TQ direct connect backplanes, the drive locate LED does not function. 03/04/14
3 When I was trying to run megacli command PDlocate to blink the LED on SATA hard drive tray in SYS-F617R2-R72+, I found the status/fail LED is not blinking, and the activity blue LED is solid on instead. Is it a bug and how should I fix it? 10/22/13
4 What is the meaning of LE6 on X10SLM+-F? 09/29/13
5 We are installing a new X9SAE motherboard. Where do we plug in the SATA drive activity LED cables? 09/06/13
6 I saw C7Z87 has CATERR_LED on the manual, but it does not have description for it. What is it for? 07/25/13
7 On X9SRL-F front panel control header JF1 pins, what voltage should be expected for Power LED pins 15 and 16? 07/12/13
8 do all the 2U Twin2 superservers support SGPIO for failure, rebuild, hot-spare, identify led support ? 07/08/13
9 I have SC829BTQ server and the LCD panel buttons don’t work. And it only shows the “Supermicro” logo. Is there something wrong with it or do I miss something here? 05/17/13
10 for your X9DRL and X8DTL motherboards, can you advice if the drive to the LAN LED header is “open collector”?

We wish to use a single green led to indicate activity on both lan1 and lan2.
The effect will be that when both lan 1 & 2 are active the led will be driven harder - hence brighter than if only LAN1 or LAN2 is active.

Would it cause damage if we connected both lan 1 and land 2 connections together to a single led?

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