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Category:  Peripherals
Keyword:  VGA (PCI-e)
316 FAQs Found

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Question Date
1 Where can I get drivers for NVIDIA GeForce 1080 cards? 07/13/18
2 SMC brand Nvidia GPU K80. I placed this in my ASUS motherboard and I have a PCIe error displayed on boot on my ASUS board. 06/29/18
3 C9X299-PFG (BIOS v1.1 "C9X2998.214") keep rebooting once set JPG1 jumper to pin 2-3 (disable onboard ASPEED).
There is an add-on VGA installed on PCIe slot, I want to use it as the video output, please advise.
4 I have an X10DAX with compatible CPU and memory. I swapped the power supply and RMA'd my motherboard but it still will not POST but I get 10 beeps. 06/11/18
5 I have a motherboard with an external video card installed and I am trying to use the COM port but it isn't working. 06/08/18
6 Why I can't have a dual display on Windows 10 64bit?
I connected an MSI GT1030 display card in PCIe slot #6 on C7Z170-OCE board.
7 X10DAi (BIOS v3.0a) "PCIe Out Of Resource" warning pop-up after placing 1x GTX 1080Ti (slot 1) + 1x GTX 780 (slot 3).
I had enabled "Above 4G Decoding" in BIOS as below, but still got the same failure and stuck at BIOS screen, please advise.
- Advanced >> PCIe/PCI/PnP Configuration >> Above 4G Decoding >> Enabled
- Advanced >> PCIe/PCI/PnP Configuration >> Exclude Slot 1/3/5 >> Yes
8 I have an X10DAi with 1 CPU and full memory configuration that boots up with eight beeps and sometimes ten beeps. 05/25/18
9 I purchased a 2028TP-DC1FR. Would like to install a P100 Tesla card. How do I do this? 05/04/18
10 X11 DP/UP board with AST2500 graphic compatible chipset may hang at Linux POST booting somehow. Using debug tool for dumping log via Supermicro online debugtool, it shows PCIe error. With rdbacklist=ast command added in the grub, the problem can be resolved completely and never duplicate such hangup issue. What's the root cause and reason? 03/30/18

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