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Category:  Peripherals
Keyword:  Heatsinks
293 FAQs Found

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Question Date
1 What is the recommended heatsink if I plan to use H8DGI in SC745TQ-R920B? 04/12/18
2 Are the heatsink models SNK-P0038P and SNK-P0046P are made with Aluminum Extrusion process? 03/16/18
3 Do you know what type of heatsink I can purchase for my MB H11SSL-C with chassis SC216BA-R920LPB? 02/02/18
4 There are two heat sinks for F629P3-RTBN --- SNK-P0068PSC and SNK-P0069PSC. Which is for CPU1 and which is for CPU2? Why? 02/02/18
5 I have a 2 U server chassis (SC846BA-920B) with an X10DAI, and would like to use a heat sink that has a fan and will not interfere with my DIMMs. 06/09/17
6 Backplane BPN-SAS-823TQ has what type of connections. 06/09/17
7 Does SNK-P0050AP4 cooler with active fan compatible with H8QGL-IF+? we have fitment issue with this MB, do you recommend any other cooler for H8QGL-IF+? 06/09/17
8 2028TP-HC0TR I have two heat sinks which one belongs to the first cpu and which one is the second. SNK-P0047PSM -- SNK-P0057PS 03/31/17
9 Should I add heatsink (SNK-P0047PSM) if I add Network Card on 5038MR-H8TRF? 03/13/17
10 What CPU heatsink can I use with the system 5039AD-T? 02/13/17

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