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Category:  Peripherals
Keyword:  Heatsinks
252 FAQs Found

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Question Date
1 Which heat sink can I install on SM-X10DRL-I ? 11/10/14
2 I need to know the TDP rating for Supermicro SNK-P0037P heatsinks. Would it dissipate 110 watts of heat? 10/31/14
3 Which heat-sink/air-shroud can we use with motherboard X9DAX-7f in a 825TQ-R740LPB chassis? 07/18/14
4 Does SuperServer, 6027R-72RF, support CPU with TDP 130W? Do I need to change heatsink in order to support this 130W CPU? 07/04/14
5 I have 2U server 6027R-E1R12T. The server includes two CPU heat sink, one is active and the other is passive heat sinks. At first I though it came with wrong CPU heat sink. But after checking your Web site,  it does spec out with correct CPU heat sink. What is the correct procedure to install the heat sinks? 05/30/14
6 Can we use motherboard X9DAX-iF with chassis 846BE26-R920B? 05/16/14
7 What heatsink can I use for the X10SAE motherboard? 03/25/14
8 Is it possible to order only the Chipset cooler for a X8DA3 Mainboard? 03/25/14
9 Do you have an active heatsink for X9DBU-3F? I also need to know if there is a passive 2U heatsink for X9SRL-F? 02/21/14
10 I have H8QG6-F motherboard and SC848A-xxx. Is the SNK-P0043P heatsink good enough for use with the quad 6300 CPU setup or is there a larger heat sink I should consider to use? 02/07/14

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