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Category:  Peripherals
Keyword:  Heatsinks
280 FAQs Found

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Question Date
1 What CPU cooler can be used in conjunction with the Supermicro X10QBL-4CT?
2 Do you know which heatsinks to get for Microblade MBI-6128R-T2X? 08/12/16
3 We're using Deepcool Neptwin heat sinks and the LGA 2011 holes don't line up with your screw holes. 07/11/16
4 We purchased X10DRi-T and chassis 213A-R740LPB. Which heat-sink do we need for the CPUs? 07/01/16
5 What is the appropriate p/n for the heat-sink when using X9SCV-Q? 05/20/16
6 We are looking to buy mainboard X9SRI-3F and heat sink SNK-P0048PS for CPU E5-2609V2 . Is this compatible for this mainboard? 05/16/16
7 What heat-sink can we use for X11SSH-F installed in a chassis 111TQ-600CB? 04/04/16
8 What heat-sink can we use for X10DRL-i installed in a chassis 732i-500B? 04/04/16
9 Is it possible to mix X10SLD-F and X9SRD-F MB in one 5037MR-H8TRF Microcloud chassis ? 03/11/16
10 We need to know which heat-sink to use with X10SRi-F in a 2U chassis 825TQ-563LPB? 11/17/15

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