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Category:  Peripherals
Keyword:  Heatsinks
260 FAQs Found

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Question Date
1 I am looking for the right heat sink for our server with the following specs. MOBO: MBD-X10SRI-F-O and Chassis: CSE-825TQ-563LPB. Could you please provide me with the right heat sink part number? 05/11/15
2 Why my blade SBI-7228R-T2F2 keeps causing overheat and shut down after couple hrs running? I just upgraded CPU 4 x E5-2697 v3 and 8 sticks of memories 8 GB each. I also updated latest Bios 1.0b and IPMI FW 1.43, but problem still the same… what’s going on… 04/24/15
3 The sheet that comes with X10DRH-CT motherboard says it is a LGA2011 R3 socket. After ordering two heat sinks for such a socket type, the motherboard is either not a LGA2011R3 SOCKET type or it is proprietary. What is the correct active heat sink for the mother board X10DRH-CT? 04/20/15
4 What CPU heatsinks should I use with X10DRi-T motherboard? Can I use any regular LGA2011 heatsink or does it require a narrow heatsink? 04/02/15
5 5018D-MTF question

1. If i purchase a barebone server, are the rails included in every box?(if they don't can i have the part number please)

2. Does a barebone server come with a cpu heatsink as standard even if the server does not come with an actual install cpu?(if they don't can i have the part number pleaser)

3. My current supermicro server(i bought pre built) has a plastic air cowling/hat section to direct the air over the cpu heat sink, does the barebone servers come with the cover?(if they don't can i have the part number please)
6 What heat sink to use on the tower chassis with my old MB X7DB8 ? 02/20/15
7 I will be installing 4 E5-2640 v3 processors into the following blade. Part SBI-7228R-T2F. What and how many heat sink parts are required to make this work properly. Thanks. 02/06/15
8 Which CPU heatsink bracket do we need for motherboard X9SCM in a 1U chassis? 01/30/15
9 Which heat sink can I install on SM-X10DRL-I ? 11/10/14
10 I need to know the TDP rating for Supermicro SNK-P0037P heatsinks. Would it dissipate 110 watts of heat? 10/31/14

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