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Category:  Hardware Monitoring
Keyword:  IPMI
1602 FAQs Found

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Question Date
1 For your X10 series baord with onboard/add-on 3108 or 2208 SAS controller, where can I see the rebuild status of the virtual disk in IPMI web UI? 11/23/15
2 We have a X9DRL-iF motherboard. When COM2 receives a specific byte string: 0x1b 0x28 at 115200 speed, it stops being able to send or receive data. The serial port will work again if we reboot (warm or cold) the system. 11/20/15
3 We run Kali Linux and are able to pull hashes from IPMI (X9 3.42) even with SMC RAKP enabled. Are these hashes still an issue? 11/20/15
4 I see the secure connection failed message when using Firefox as a browser for SD5 trying to connect to the secure port. I am wondeirng is there some setting I need to do for Firefox so I can connect? 11/20/15
5 If we are using Chrome, will this affect our KVM functionality?

Sept 1st, Chrome started blocking NPAPI plugins
6 We are getting voltage errors on X10DRL-i board:

The Ipmi error logs:

Event:5 Time:01/06/2014 14:29:28 Type:Voltage

1.5V PCH Assertion: Lower Critical - going low

Reading = 1.25 V, Threshold = 1.35 V


Event:6 Time:01/06/2014 14:29:28 Type:Voltage

1.5V PCH Assertion: Lower Non-recoverable - going low

Reading = 1.25 V, Threshold = 1.32 V

The 6gb RAM is installed in the slots:P1-DIMMB1, P2-DIMMF1

7 We tried to upgrade IPMI firmware from SUM and SMCIPMITool and it's not working. Using SMCIPMITool 2.10.0 11/13/15
8 How do I check BMC FW version by IPMICFG? Please advise. 11/13/15
9 How do I turn on or turn off motherboard UID LED by IPMI raw command? Please advise. 11/12/15
10 Any X10DRx and X10SRx motherboard after update IPMI FW from 1.xx to 3.15~3.22 (RedFish) or 2.17~2.20 (Aten SMT_X10), below command will lead to IPMI FW hangup:
1.ipmitool sdr (FTU)
2.ipmicfg –m (DOS)


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