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Category:  Hardware Monitoring
Keyword:  IPMI
1699 FAQs Found

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Question Date
1 What is the "SMTP Password" in the SMTP Setting in IPMI? Just want to understand what it is. 07/22/16
2 Are Supermicro systems are configured to shut down the system upon overheat detection from BIOS? 07/22/16
3 IPMI KVM will not connect any more. Not with IPMI view or with the web page. Tried resetting config, reflashing etc. same effect.
4 What version of IPMICFG have TAS feature? 07/15/16
5 We use X11SSD-F. We are trying to use the remote-media mounting option in IPMI, and we are seeing a 4.7GB file size limit on the ISO we are trying to mount.
6 We have get “403 forbidden” error when trying to interface with redfish. Do you have any general documents for troubleshooting? 07/08/16
7 IPMIView app 1.2.0 , X9DRW-3F, fw 2.59. No option for KVM.
Does android app have KVM feature?
8 We need to know if there is an update that addresses a security vulnerability found on the IPMI interface: CVE-2006-2369. The server model is: SYS-6018U-TRTP+. The firmware revision is: 02.12. 06/24/16
9 We updated the BIOS to 3.2 but when we try to update the IPMI from 2.21 to 3.4 it does not work. We tried from the Web, windows, and dos. The web just goes to this page can't be displayed after trying to upload it. The dos says it could not open the binary. 06/24/16
10 We have a Supermicro motherboard X10SDV-8C-TLN4F Rev 1.02

We are interested in Master Write-Read IPMI mandatory command. This command is equivalent to "ipmitool i2c" command or "ipmitool raw 0x6 0x52".

I wonder if this command is supportedin this board?

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