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Category:  Hardware Monitoring
Keyword:  IPMI
1486 FAQs Found

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Question Date
1 Do you know the part number for the mounting plate for the jbod CSE-PTJBOD-CB3? 05/01/15
2 I am using HTTPS for IPMI webUI. I still cannot access it via browser due to the certificate. OpenSSL shows the certificate as

issuer= /C=US/ST=California/O=Super Micro Computer/OU=Software/CN=IPMI

I can access the IPMI via IPMIview but not the browser.
3 Why can't I use the KVM in Chrome? Why does it keep asking me to update Java, I already have the latest Java 8 update 45 on my computer? 05/01/15
4 is it possible to use SUM (supermicro update manager) with MBI-6128R-T2X 05/01/15
5 I have the SYS-6028TR-HTR server with four X10DRT-H modes inside. The IPMI firmware is at rev 1.23. If I log in node A's IPMI web, I can see the power supply information correctly. In nodes B, C & D, there is no information of the power supplies. Do I have a defective system? 04/28/15
6 When I bring up the IPMI interface in a web browser, the top bar has three parts:
Left: "Supermicro"

Middle: Host Identification box

Right: (!) Critical (arrow) Refresh (arrow) Logout [English]

Refresh, Logout, and the language selection are clickable links (and do what they say).

Nothing in your IPMI documentation says what "Critical" means,
although it does show up in some of the screen shots.

Is it telling me something is wrong? What do I do about it?
7 I used this http://kb.krypt.com/article/184 guide to mount an image from windows share, but got the 'no disk emulation set' status in step 2.2 of that document is what is at issue. Already verified that the server image was accessible via Windows box. Authenticated w/exactly the same credentials without issue.

The problem is there is a lack of _any_ status whatsoever. I also tried Maintenance -> Reset iKVM to no avail. It seems to get stuck in the perpetual "LOADING..." state. Using IPMI v.3.31.
8 After login Micro CMM site, I noticed that my Microblade B1DRI shows only IPMI 1.46 but no longer shows the BIOS Ver info. Any reason why? 04/24/15
9 How to identify temp sensors for AOC-S40G-i2Q & AOC-STG-i2T under IPMI sensor reading page? 04/17/15
10 Do you know if the IPMI on X10 boards detect NVMe SSDs? 04/17/15

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