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Category:  Hardware Monitoring
Keyword:  IPMI
1911 FAQs Found

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Question Date
1 Can IPMI reads the power supply’s fan information? 02/16/18
2 We have IPMI console redirection remote connection fail problem with X10DRW-I M/B, upgrade the BIOS and BMC FW to the latest version already, how can we fix this?
3 Why IPMICFG shows "Fail" status on "MB_NVMeSSD Temp" sensor if no NVMe drives connected? Please advise.

- X11DPi-NT (BIOS v2.0a, IPMI v1.43)

- IPMICFG Version 1.27.1 (Build 170901)
4 2028R-NR48N - Using 1.27.1 IPMICFG
Two AOC controllers appear on the same line, when I am using IPMI-Win.exe. Using the command .\IPMICFG-Win.exe -nvme info
Below is my output.
<SPAN lang=EN>
[AOC Number: 0] [Firmware Info: 00 00][AOC Number: 1]
5 Our H8QG7+-LN4F, IPMI feedback fan10 lower non-recoverable, but the manual only lists Fan1~9 item, what is Fan10 mean? 12/29/17
6 X9DR3-LN4F+ IPMI flags VBAT error as voltage read 6.09V while the normal setting is 3.30V.  And the actual battery voltage is OK around 3.3V. 12/22/17
7 Do you know if all Microblades supports Redfish features? 12/15/17
8 We want to import two MIB files to manage nodes through HP Operation Manager. The two files are “IPMI-PET-Trap_OEM.mib” and “IPMI-PET-Trap_Official.mib” and they have different OIDs. These two files have the same object identifier. As a result, the second imported file crushes the first one.Can we modify the object identifier in one file?
9 BIOS shows IPMI Firmware Revision -- Not Working. 12/08/17
10 When trying to import BIOS config from another system using SSM, the task failed with error code 61 internal utility error. What is the issue? 12/01/17

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