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Category:  Hardware Monitoring
Keyword:  IPMI
1425 FAQs Found

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Question Date
1 We noticed that the IPMI is set to “Shared” on MB X9DRT-HF. We want to set the IPMI port as a dedicated management port. We are a Windows environment and couldn’t find and tools to perform this task. Is this possible? 11/21/14
2 I noticed this new fan mode:

Support Smart Cooling mode on fan mode page for specific CPUs.

It will display when these CPUs are installed

Supported CPU list : E5-2667 v3,E5-2643 v3,E5-2637 v3,E5-2623 v3”

What is Smart Cooling? How is it different from Optimal?
3 We have the 6017R-73HDP+ and would like to know how the disks are arranged or what pattern it follows. The “disk mapping for the node I was working on using smartctl and it does not follow any rhyme or reason, nor does it follow the actual disk diagram on the underside of the node's lid” 11/20/14
4 I have X8DTT-F and can't login to IPMI. I set a static IP on the IPMI setting on the BIOS. I am able to ping the IPMI but I am not able to connect to it. Sometimes I am able to see the login screen but it won't be able to login. Won't even say that the credentials are wrong. Using firmware 1.33. 11/20/14
5 BMC does not support warm reset by openipmi command "ipmitool mc reset warm" but the cold reset command does work fine. With SMC tools, only ipmi reset command supported. 11/14/14
6 On 6028U-TR4+ (X10DRU-i+), IPMI firmware 1.59

No Event log generated when extract or insert HDD

1. install ipmitool, we use v1.8.14

2. extract an HDD from HDD tray

3. check the sel log with command "ipmitool sel list"
7 On 6028U-TR4+ (X10DRU-i+), IPMI firmware 1.59, nc (non-critical) events don’t show up in SEL

When there is a minor alarm generated, there is no event log in sel.

[root@localhost ~]# ipmitool sensor list | grep 5VCC

5VCC | 5.000 | Volts | nc | 4.246 | 4.298 | 4.480 | 4.792 | 4.896 | 5.598

[root@localhost ~]# ipmitool sel list

SEL has no entries

I changed the threshold and generate a minor alarm, we can see the alarm "nc", but there is no sel log to record the alarm generation behavior.
8 I have an X10 board. I want to enable Storage Monitoring of the LSI 3108 (or 2208 / 2018 / NVMe) SAS card. Please advise if I need to do any setting in the board or IPMI for this. 11/11/14
9 I have SuperServer model, 6027R-WRF(X9DRW-iF), and I am going to use IPMI iKVM for remote management. However, when I click up the IPMI console redirection button, it suddenly pops up with error, "aurthrization failure". How can I resolve this problem? 11/06/14
10 We are preparing an order using a jbod chassis (CSE-826BE1C-R920LPB) with power board CSE-PTJBOD-CB3. I am able to successfully connect to it at the default IP and then either set a static IP, or set it for dhcp mode. That works properly, and I am then able to connect to it with the new IP.

The problem is that if the IPMI controller is restarted - either from being unplugged from power (out original discovery of the problem), or by resetting the controller with "ipmitool -H -I lanplus -U ADMIN -P mc reset cold" (reproducing/testing with this), the IPMI controller reverts to the default static IP address. The netmask stays as I set it, and the password stays as I set it. It seems just the dhcp/static setting, and the static IP itself get reverted.

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