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Category:  Hardware Monitoring
Keyword:  IPMI
1343 FAQs Found

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Question Date
1 I can no longer access the KVM. The error shows Java.lang.Security Exception. I have tried updating IPMI Firmware and reducing security in Java from high to Medium. It still the same issue. The KVM still does not work on any OS FireFox, Chrome, and IE. 04/18/14
2 I am using IPMI. I am having trouble with a fan sensor. It keeps giving me readings while nothing is connected. How can I solve this issue quickly and easily? 04/15/14
3 I have to reset my IPMI to factory defaults. I have used IPMICFG -FD which did not solve my issue. I could use IPMICFG -FDE, but I do not want to lose my FRU information. What can I do? 04/15/14
4 I have a X10SLM-F firmware 1.24. Active directory authentication does not work with my primary domain. When I put in my full domain name in the configuration, it says that it saved the changes, but the settings are not saved. If I enter a shorter domain, it saves the settings. Here's a summary of the problems I found:

1. Domain names of length 16 characters or more (including the .) are not accepted.

2. Passwords of length 20 or more characters do not work (19 characters works).

3. Passwords with special characters do not work.

Long usernames don't seem to be a problem.

2. Set the password for ipmitst to a 20 character password - it did NOT work.

3. Created users called extremelylong,superextremelylong, and aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. All of them worked with short passwords.

4. Changed the password of superextremelylong to one with special characters, but under length 20. It did not work. Removing the special characters worked.
5 IPMITOOL based on the open source reports erroneous information on locations of memory DIMMs for Supermicro boards

Example of error


1. e.g., $ /opt/ipmitool/bin/ipmitool -H sel elist

18a | 03/04/2014 | 01:50:34 | Memory | Correctable ECC | Asserted | CPU 0 DIMM 8

18b | 03/04/2014 | 01:50:39 | Memory | Correctable ECC | Asserted | CPU 0 DIMM 8

18c | 03/04/2014 | 01:50:49 | Memory | Correctable ECC | Asserted | CPU 0 DIMM 8


Note that CPU0 DIMM8 does not exist.

Whereas if we check the web interface, we can see the problem:

1 2014/03/04 06:04:16 OEM Memory Correctable Memory ECC @ DIMMB1(CPU1) - Asserted

2 2014/03/04 06:04:16 OEM Memory Correctable Memory ECC @ DIMMB1(CPU1) - Asserted

3 2014/03/04 06:04:33 OEM Memory Correctable Memory ECC @ DIMMB1(CPU1) - Asserted

4 2014/03/04 06:04:57 OEM Memory Correctable Memory ECC @ DIMMB1(CPU1) - Asserted
6 I would like to get power consumption reading from X9DP board through ipmitool tool. Which raw command do I need to implement with? 04/02/14
7 The Blade p/n is SBA-7142G-T4. The CPU Vcore readings were showing lower value in IPMIView software, but it is not happening in IE browser. 04/01/14
8 Regarding X9DRG-QF, what is IPMI video resolution? Where does the BMC store the recorded video? 04/01/14
9 We got VMR reading issue on X10SL7-F. The VRM Temp Info in IPMI Sensor reading is always showing N/A.BIOS 1.1a; IPMI 1.23. 04/01/14
10 Regarding IPMI, what is the difference between OEM and Standard RAKP protocol in IPMI setting? 04/01/14

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