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Category:  Hardware Monitoring
Keyword:  IPMI
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Question Date
1 We're testing the new Supermicro Haswell server we recently purchased from you and noticed that IPMI cannot be configured in Linux until I change a BIOS setting -- this was not the case for previous Supermicro servers we have purchased:

[root@supermicro ipmi]# ipmitool lan set 1 netmask && ipmitool lan set 1 access on Setting LAN Subnet Mask to

LAN Parameter Data does not match! Write may have failed.

Any suggestions?
2 When customer is updating IPMI FW through OOB and the FW update crashes, how can customer recover IPMI FW? Can you advise? 07/31/15
3 For the X9DRi-F, we recently encounter lots of “kcs_error_exit” issues when running your ipmicfg utility under Linux. 07/31/15
4 I have Storage server K1048-RT and I am not able to access Onboard Controller. What’s the IP address and how to connect to it? 07/31/15
5 X10SLL-F
when trying to open the IPMI, the console is not working.
IT was working fine like last month, till today, there is some outage, and im not able to see the console.

The reset/reboot button still working.
Please help.
6 SYS-7047GR-TRF(X9DRG-QF ) : IPMI initialization fail. Isolation: 1. In BIOS setup, IPMI status shows "Not Work", and Firmware version is empty. The bug is only identified on one machine. 2. I downloaded the latest IPMI firmware, and failed to flash the firmware with error message "can't read flashinfo". Looks like the IPMI firmware were not flashed in this machine before ship from manufacture. Please provide a solution to fix it. 07/30/15
7 We use super micro servers for all our data centers and I am currently looking for the most cost effective solution to manage our servers. We do not currently have IPMI cables run to the ipmi interfaces. I was looking at Supermicro Server manager but have some questions on how it works. We do not want to run cables to each imp interface. From the way I understand the Server manager we can deploy a server in each data center running the server manager. How does that collect the data from all the servers in that data center? IPMI must be enabled on all the Supermicro servers? Or do you have to run ipmi cables and a separate management network? If you can provide the specifics on how it works that would be great. 07/24/15
8 When I use https I get server unresponsive. I can connect via http, just not https. The port is set to 443. No firewall. The ports are available to other IPMI devices on the same network. 07/24/15
9 On X10SLL-F, when trying to open the IPMI, the remote console is not working. 07/23/15
10 X10SLE-F Cannot ping ipmi LAN after power shutdown. If powered back ON, the ipmi returns to normal. The real issue is we can't turn it back ON through ipmi. I have to physically hit the power button.

IPMI Firmware Revision is 1.42.

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