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Category:  Hardware Monitoring
Keyword:  IPMI
1554 FAQs Found

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Question Date
1 How can I reset IPMI to factory default with raw commands ? 09/02/15
2 I'm trying to mount an ISO to Virtual Media > CD-ROM Image. When I click on Mount, then Save. It states that the image has been uploaded to BMC. However, when I open up the Console > Virtual Media > Virtual Storage > CDROM&ISO > Connection Status History I see that it cannot connect to the server. 08/28/15
3 For X10SRH-CF, does SMC set BIOS or IPMI temperature threshold value to shut down the system ? Or can you offer any Ubuntu related command or 3rd party SW to modify this value ? 08/27/15
4 Since the BIOS sends the HW MAC address during the DHCPDISCOVERY request we can’t distinguish between an X8/X9 or X10 platform during the DHCP phase. Question is, how can this be achieved, is FRU or DMI read an option during DHCP ? 08/26/15
5 If Redfish is supported down the road, would you drop IPMI support or maintain backwards compatibility so tools working with either IPMI or Redfish could function concurrently without interference? 08/24/15
6 With Intel's recent announcements around Redfish and DMTF (this spec) and touting it as easier to work with than IPMI, I wanted to see if Supermicro could share their plans for when Supermicro systems will be compatible with the new Redfish API. Also, will there be any added cost overheads to purchase software that supports Redfish or will it come bundled in the firmware in the same manner as IPMI is offered today? 08/24/15
7 I have a X10SLM-F, how can I change the LAN mode from shared to dedicated in ipmicfg? 08/21/15
8 When I try to run Console Redirection(iKVM) via IPMI interface, I get message: "Error. Connection failed". 08/21/15
9 We utilize the tool called “ipmitool” in order to automate actions such as “reboot” and “send commands to serial console” without having to log in to the web console but the key thing which we have not been able to find is how to automatically mount USB to the device. 08/21/15
10 Is IPMIView supported on Windows 8? 08/21/15

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