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Category:  Hardware Monitoring
Keyword:  IPMI
1446 FAQs Found

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Question Date
1 For MBI-6418A-T7H, I have BMC unrecoverable issue. The web interface returns an empty page, and cannot connect ssh or ipmitool. Neither BMC Reset nor BMC Reset To Default, the error field displays "Initializing". 01/23/15
2 Does the X10 board's IPMI support no VNC? 01/22/15
3 Do you have support for NTP command in SMCIPMITool in X8/X9/X10/X11 platforms?
4 Are you aware of this IPMI issue regarding SSL? Both SSLv2 and SSLv3 are still available when connecting to the HTTPS port. These are flawed, insecure protocols and need to be disabled.

X8DTH-6F IPMI Rev 2.2

X8DTU-F IPMI Rev 3.05
5 I am using your X9 motherboard. My IPMI KVM resolution is not working normally. I am wondering if it is a java issue. What is the quickest way to clarify? 01/19/15
6 When I tried to update the IPMI firmware through the Web GUI, I get the following message: 'Please confirm the file type again! Only ".bin" is allowed!', and it is a .bin file 01/19/15
7 For X10DDW-I, I don’t see the option to set fan to PUE3 Mode under IPMI monitor. According to "Special Designated Motherboard Fan Speed Control Mode” it showed that it has PUE3 option. 01/16/15
8 Why  am I unable to change my Fan speed on my MB X10DRH-CT? All fans speed keeps in same speed even changed to Full-Speed Mode. 01/16/15
9 I have SYS-1017GR-TF and occasionally the burn nodes go offline. It is not responsive. We configure the IPMI port in order to log information but it's not helpful at all. We believe it might be a hardware issue causing the servers to be non-responsive. 01/16/15
10 We have X9DRL-iF board. We can see this issue 100% following these steps:

1. No network cable connected

2. Set IPMI dhcp enable

Yesterday when we did –fd or –fde network setting did not reset.

So do ipmicfg –dhcp on – this will turn on dhcp, and check ip with ipmicfg –m, see all 0’s.

Ctrl+alt+del, go into BIOS, see all settings 0.

Set to static, give gateway, f4 save and reset. Check BIOS again, can see gateway missing.

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