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Category:  Hardware Monitoring
Keyword:  IPMI
1713 FAQs Found

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Question Date
1 For SMCIPMITool command, why VMWA and VMW work differently? Seems that there is code that needs to be ported from VMWA back to VMW. I’m trying to understand why the BMC difference would cause the problem. 08/26/16
2 Can we use SMCIPMITool to mount iso onto multiple machines?
SMCIPMITool ->ImageA ->BMC1
SMCIPMITool ->ImageB ->BMC2

using shell mode. ./SMCIPMITool $IPMIhost $IPMIuser $IPMIpassword shell
3 Does this mount call, vmw iso also affect the other mount call, vmwa dev2iso ? Do they both have this limitation?” 08/26/16
4 I have a 1028U-TN10RT+ system with 2 x NVME (Intel P3500 1.2TB NVME), both are recognized in the BIOS and I was able to install the Windows 8.1 under UEFI Mode to either one of those.


However, NVME drives are not visible in the IPMI WebGUI.

I have already updated Both BIOS and IPMI firmware to the latest, but issue still as I have explained. Do you know what caused of the issue that IPMI WebGUI can’t see the NVME SSD drives?

BIOS File Name: X10DRU6_712.zip

Size (KB): 10,744

BIOS Revision: R 2.0a

Firmware File Name: REDFISH_X10_332.zip

Size (KB): 23,122

Firmware Revision: R 3.32
5 Can IPMI redirect http traffic to https via IPMI?

Or need a custom IPMI?
6 The BMC and java kvm console behave as expected until the system is rebooted.

The process of events:

1) boot blade to OS

2) open java kvm from the BMC's web UI

3) open ssh console to OS

4) open ssh console to the BMC and run 'top'

5) command a system reboot from the SSH session to the OS

6) observe the java kvm freezing and disconnecting as a result of timeout

7) immediately attempt to reconnect java kvm - observe that the loading time is much longer than usual

8) observe the output of top freezing for several seconds in the BMC's ssh session

9) observe top resuming to refresh, with the 'exe' process at high cpu load for an additional few seconds

10) several seconds later, observe that the java kvm pops up and reconnects

11) boot continues without issue

12) BMC behaves normally until next system reboot
7 Systems running the 3.26 firmware work fine with KVM through web GUI and through IPMIView

Systems running the 3.32 (or beta 3.38) firmware work fine with KVM through web GUI, but receive "connection failed" through IPMIView.
8 We trying to configure NTP settings through IPMITool on a Supermicro board but is getting the below message:

root@supermicro:~/Downloads/SMCIPMITool_2.15.0_build.160122_bundleJRE_Linux_x64$ ./SMCIPMITool ADMIN ADMIN ipmi oem x10cfg ntp list
The node product key needs to be activated for this device

Do we need that OOB license key that you enter through the IPMI web interface to accomplish the above?
9 I noticed that currently the BMC login on standard servers are using SHA1 keys. SHA-2 is not supported on X10 boards? 08/05/16
10 Do you plan to deploy auto/event triggered video recording to IPMI module? 08/05/16

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