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Category:  Hardware Monitoring
Keyword:  IPMI
1896 FAQs Found

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Question Date
1 How do I collect IPMI SEL log? 10/20/17
2 I want to disable chassis intrusion alert on X10 motherboard. I already short out jumper JL1, but the alert still showed. Is there anyway to permanently disable the alert? 10/20/17
3 X11SSH-F: On HTML5 in IPMI ikvm the virtual keyboard has problems with other languages than English. The key’s do not match the characters that are pressed. 10/16/17
4 In IPMI WebGUI, I cannot access 5039MS-H12TRF via iKVM/HTML5 but can access via Console Redirection, is there any way to make iKVM/HTML5 work? 10/06/17
5 Our X11DAI-N, with IPMI: 1.32 / BIOS: 1.0b, can’t mount the virtual media through IPMI WebGUI when pressing F11, there is no ATEN virtual CDROM or USB option to install the Centos 7.3 ISO image. 09/29/17
6 IPMI web browser is stuck. I tried navigating the menu and it says "Service is not available during upgrade". I tried logging off, clearing my browser cache, and it is the same each time I navigate. 09/29/17
7 IPMI View for Mac OS limitation. 09/22/17
8 Does IPMI View 2.13.0 support MAC OS? I do not see the OS listed in the download. 09/22/17
9 We're using H8QG7-LN4F MB, BMC FW v2.04, but we couldn't find any method to restore factory default in the WebGUI, any suggestion? 09/22/17
10 I have a SuperStore Server 6028R-E1CR12N (MB BIOS v2.0a, IPMI FW R3.50).
These four drives config as RAID5 through AOC-S3108L-H8iR. The RAID status is optimal under Avago Web-BIOS.

But if I check health status in VMware ESXi, there is a warning message that says:
"Disk or Disk Bay 1 HDD Status: Rebuild Aborted - Assert"

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