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Category:  Hardware Monitoring
Keyword:  IPMI
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Question Date
1 We are preparing an order using a jbod chassis (CSE-826BE1C-R920LPB) with power board CSE-PTJBOD-CB3. I am able to successfully connect to it at the default IP and then either set a static IP, or set it for dhcp mode. That works properly, and I am then able to connect to it with the new IP.

The problem is that if the IPMI controller is restarted - either from being unplugged from power (out original discovery of the problem), or by resetting the controller with "ipmitool -H -I lanplus -U ADMIN -P mc reset cold" (reproducing/testing with this), the IPMI controller reverts to the default static IP address. The netmask stays as I set it, and the password stays as I set it. It seems just the dhcp/static setting, and the static IP itself get reverted.
2 On the X8DTT motherboard, the virtual media window doesn’t appear on a Mac. The version of IPMIView was the latest version on the ftp in the MacOSX folder, version 2.9.32_20140624. 10/30/14
3 We have X9DRG-HF, the problem is the IPMI becoming inaccessible via the LAN.
We observed it become inaccessible via LAN while it was shut down. (It still had power connected.) We checked the revision of the motherboards. They are all 1.02 or earlier. There are some machines which have not been observed to have the issue; they are all 1.20.

On several occasions when there were machines still running the operating system without trouble but which had their IPMI become inaccessible via the LAN, I tried unloading all the kernel drivers which were possible to unload in order to see if any driver was responsible, but the IPMI remained inaccessible via the LAN.

We are using K10 GPUs
4 I have a new X10DDW-i motherboard, which I can't access IPMI WEB GUI with shared LAN after set IP address to Static… Do you know how to solve it…? 10/24/14
5 I'm using a fan from a different manufacturer. I'm getting fan warnings. Currently testing with a 120mm EVERCOOL fan, it's a 4-pin PWM fan. Is there any fix? 10/17/14
6 How do I check if my board has the OOB license activated? 10/17/14
7 I have a fan issue with Supermciro MB X8SIT-F. Doesn’t matter what I set the fan speed from IPMI, the calculation for fan speed reading is an error. How can I fix it…? 10/17/14
8 Trying to read BBP(battery backup power) from PMBus, I am OK to get the power reading status with IPMI command. When I disable SMBus controller from south bridge side and read the PWS status with IPMI command, the result is still OK to get the status. Can you tell me where is the PMBus connected to south bridge or to IPMI controler as I can get both of them working properly? I have X9SCL-F board. 10/15/14
9 I have a system SYS-7037A-i with X9dai motherboard. I want to purchase IPMI card. Can you tell me what model is compatible with my X9DAI? 10/10/14
10 Could you please explain why X9DRI-F BIOS 3.0B has to use nmi_watchdog=0 to make watchdog works? ONLY X9DRi-F systems need to use nmi_watchdog=0 Other systems only need to use nmi_watchdog=1 10/10/14

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