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Category:  Hardware Monitoring
Keyword:  IPMI
1817 FAQs Found

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Question Date
1 On X10DRI-T4+ Would you happen to know if the IPMI and the COM interface use the same chip? 03/24/17
2 We have set up SMTP alerts, and it is not receiving email with SMTP on our storage servers with X10DSC+. How can we verify it is working? 03/24/17
3 In our newest server, Supermicro SuperServer 2028GR-TRH, I can check its peak power consumption using web browser and server's IPMI (Server Health->Power consumption). For me it is very useful information and I would like to have access to this kind of information on my other servers (Supermicro SuperServer 1027GR-TRF and Supermicro AS-1022GG-TF). However, I did not find such information in IPMI of these servers.
Could you explain me why I have no power consumption information in these servers?
Is it platform limitation (e.g. limited functionality of a power supply or motherboard) or is it software issue (maybe I can check peak power consumption using different software, not web browser)?
Could you explain me what kind of information about these servers' power consumption I can access and/or point at some useful information about it on supermicro.com?
4 Do you know if IPMI reads the sensor Tcase or DTS for CPU? 03/17/17
5 The motherboard we have that were having issues is the X10SLD-HF with the Intel C226 chipset. When we enable the integrated graphic with IPMI Firmware version 3.45, the device POST fine till the OS of Ubuntu 12.04 begins to load, then we lose both KVM console video and a physical VGA monitor video.

When we disable the integrated graphic with IPMI Firmware version 3.45, the device POST fine till the OS Ubuntu 12.04 begins to load and we continue to keep the KVM video and video on the physical VGA monitor connected.
6 We have experienced unexpected system reboot. There was an IPMI event associated with the unexpected reboot as shown below.

Event ID 1

Sensor Name OEM

Sensor Type CPLD

Description CATERR - Asserted
7 X10 KVM not working in IPMPView, keep getting error "Administrator privilege is required to launch KVM during first initialization or Connection failed" 03/03/17
8 What is the BMC checking mechanism on H8QG7-LN4F? I mean, how many times between the 1st detection and the 2nd detection on the same sensor? 03/02/17
9 For the IPMI licensing, SFT-OOB-LIC and SFT-DCMS-Single, I noticed difference is DCMS has "Features Freeze". What does “Features Freeze” mean? Also, I thought DCMS is for the software suite, so how does it work on a “Per Node” basis? 02/24/17
10 What are the SUM commands to get BIOS configuration and IPMI configuration? 02/24/17

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