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Category:  Hardware Monitoring
Keyword:  IPMI
1516 FAQs Found

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Question Date
1 My system with X8DAH+-F MB sometimes issue chassis intrusion error, any suggestion for us to ignore this kind of error ? 07/03/15

On both X8STi-F and X8DTi-F and X10SLL-F boards the Swedish/German keyboard support is not properly functioning, only the virtual keyboard works ok and when using Teamviewer for example there is no issue either, which leads us to believe this is a IPMI firmware related issue. We have tested this as well in our lab with X8DTi-F IPMI firmware 3.06 and installed Windows Server 2012 R2 with German language and on the client side we used a German keyboard and keyboard language set to German to perform the tests.

The following keys do not function in this environment:
       1.  If we press the “–“ key a “ß” appears.
       2.  If we press “Shift” with “+-“ a “?” appears
       3. If we use ä, ü, ö, + or # nothing happens

3 After upgrading the IPMI firmware, the console redirection JAVA applet can be loaded successfully. However it just shows a black screen where the title bar says “Java iKVM Viewer v1.69.24 - No Signal”, no matter if I use Mac or Windows machines.
We did iKVM reset, and the video feed is working properly after iKVM reset. But it's strange that on one of the machines, the keyboard is not functioning after the reset.
4 For X10 motherboards, can you send us the raw commands to enable and disable ports? 06/25/15
5 Could I get an update on this:

I see 1.94 fixed several security issues, but not CVE-2015-0235. Any update on a release date?
6 We are using SYS-6027R-WRF IPMI, and are getting warning errors. The messages are reported in the system log of the IPMI utility:
IPMI Utility > System Information > System Log > Warning
Error sending IPMB packet to slave 0x16
What does it mean?
7 On B10DRI, there are some event logs complaining about "Critical Low Temperature" for PCIeSSD1 as shown below:  

  • 10 2014/11/19 17:04:04 PCIeSSD1 TempTemperature Lower Non-Critical - Going Low 

  • 11 2014/11/19 17:04:04 PCIeSSD1 TempTemperature Lower Critical - Going Low 

  • 12 2014/11/19 17:04:04 PCIeSSD1 TempTemperature Lower Non-Recoverable - Going Low

Is it normal?
8 I am having an issue with the Supermicro IPMI. I recently updated my java version on my Windows 7 Pro desktop to version 8 update 45. Since doing this I have one supermicro host that is failing to open the IPMI Remove connection. Each time I try to open it I get this:

"Unable to launch the application"

"Name: JViewer"

"Publisher: American Megatrends, Inc."


I have updated the firmware on the IPMI

Firmware Revision : 3.04

Firmware Build Time : Dec 23 2014 19:33:27

And added the https ip address for this ipmi session to the java security as an exception. Yet I still keep getting this error. I have also cleared the browsers cache, history, and removed the certificates for this system from the browser. I get this on any browser I try, IE, FF, Chrome. Have you guys run into this ? I have quite a few systems that use supermicro ipmi and do not have this issue on those particular systems. Only this one for some reason. Any help is greatly appreciated.
9 Do you have IMPIVIEW support MAC OS? 06/12/15
10 I ran this command but got an error

$ ipmitool -I lan -H -U ADMIN -P ADMIN chassis status

IPMI Request Match found

removed list entry seq=0x02 cmd=0x39

Get Session Challenge command failed: Invalid data field in request

Error: Unable to establish LAN session


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