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Category:  Hardware Monitoring
Keyword:  IPMI
1459 FAQs Found

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Question Date
1 We have H8QG7-LN4F with R3.5 BIOS and R2.04 IPMI FW, through iKVM console, can't use mouse to configure RAID in WebBIOS, keyboard functioned normally. 03/05/15
2 Should I use test firmware? How do I know if there won't be other issues because of it? I need this test firmware to fix a bug. Tech Support sent me this link to test firmware. 02/27/15
3 Question regarding IP access control of the IPMI:

Is IPMI IP access control built to protect the IPMI _only_ or does it "extend" access rules to the whole server because (or when) it uses the same network card?
4 I was looking at specifications of motherboards with IPMI support.
I could however not find how big the size of the FRU Information Storage area is. I want to store custom data in the MultiRecord Area, and want to know the guaranteed size that I can use.
5 I see this in the manual, but it is nowhere to be found in the IPMI WebGUI. Is SNMP polling not supported on this motherboard? 02/13/15
6 We use BurninTest on X8DTU-F, sometimes the error log shows memory issue, reboot and then BMC fail, any possible reason for this issue ? 02/09/15
7 We have seen a lot of messages from IPMI Event Log, but we could not understand the meaning of them.

Does Supermicro have any document to help us in supporting our customers questions?

Please review all the Event Log Messages and give us each description of it.

What are those “ Session Audit” ?
8 Does IPMI SOL work with the UEFI BIOS on new boards? We have X10SRA-F fw 1.69 02/06/15
9 I'm looking for the GPL for the Aspeed BMC solution. Where can I find it? 02/06/15
10 For my X10DRT-L, I checked IPMI sensor reading. Why IB Temp shows “NA”? 01/30/15

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