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Category:  Hardware Monitoring
Keyword:  IPMI
1806 FAQs Found

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Question Date
1 On one of our system, there is an issue activating the OOB license.
BIOS version 2.0a
Firmware Revision : 02.48
os: Ubuntu 16.04
2 Could you help to confirm if there is a such change: Removing “standard fan mode” in IPMI firmware 3.45. The motherboard is X10DRC-LN4F+ 02/17/17
3 Was wondering if you have seen issue below before? And what could it mean?

153 | 2016/11/04 17:33:52 | OS Critical Stop
| Assertion:OS graceful shutdown
4 X8DTT-IBQF email address field for alerts only allow 32 char, that is not enough. 02/10/17
5 Does IPMI require a license key for Syslog in IPMI? What key is it? 02/10/17
6 Is watchdog implemented differently for X9DBU and X10DRW? 02/10/17
7 On the SYS-1028T-DC0R will IPMI send out RAID/HSS failure alert? 02/03/17
8 How can I generate an event to test if my syslog server is working? 02/03/17
9 The memory information is listed in IPMI webGUI under Hardware Information. Is there a way to read the same information using the IPMI raw commands? 02/03/17
10 We can't install SD5 on our server with Oracle Linux Server 7.3. We also tested CentOS and RHEL 7. We are trying to install SD5 5.4.0_build.703_linux_x64. 02/01/17

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