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Category:  Hardware Monitoring
Keyword:  IPMI
1919 FAQs Found

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Question Date
1 SAS firmware 3108, and 3008 update procedure will run over 30 minutes when using the BMC WEB GUI do the updating, my motherboard is X10DRW-i, and BMC version v3.68, is it normal? 04/10/18
2 How to read IPMI Sensor Thresholds in 2027TR/X9DRT?  No value has been set in this system. 04/06/18
3 I cannot use the IPMICFG on my X10SRM-F with Windows 10. It shows the error message of "Can not find a valid IPMI device." Can you please help? 03/30/18
4 Can IPMICFG be used to set MAC Address of LAN1 and 2? 03/30/18
5 I want to disable SSH on several units. Is there a way to disable multiple units remotely? 03/23/18
6 Can I set dedicated IPMI LAN port in C9X299-PGF? 03/22/18
7 We already tried the full power cycle by pulling AC cords, waiting for power supply LEDs to go out, wait ~10 more seconds, then power up. Still, the same result RAKP = undefined.

We also reset to Factory Defaults using the GUI as follows: Maintenance >> Factory Default Still the same result RAKP = undefined.
8 Is there a configuration or setting that is used to make the IPMI behavior the same between the Dedicated IPMI interface and the LAN1 interface? 03/16/18
9 Our X10DRL-i, with IPMI FW 3.45, runs IPMIView 2.13.0 but fails to launch remote KVM console redirection, any idea? 03/08/18
10 Can IPMI read the power supply’s fan information? 02/16/18

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