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Category:  Hardware Monitoring
Keyword:  IPMI
1398 FAQs Found

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Question Date
1 We are trying to find the firmware for SIMSO+. Can you tell us how to find it? 09/12/14
2 Is it possible to monitor the power consumption of X9 DP systems through IPMI or is it planned for E5-2600 v3 systems? 09/10/14
3 For X9DRT-F motherboard, the IPMI does not have a mac address assigned to it. Any assistance would be appreciated.. 09/05/14
4 Recently two of our X8DTU based systems started showing this behavior - whenever the motherboard is rebooted, the IPMI card also seems to get reseted.

NOTE: I am not talking about physical power disconnects from the server which requires the IPMI card to reinitialize...even just a reboot within the OS will cause the IPMI card to reset and go off network
5 We have a C7Z97-MF. IPMI Power control doesn’t give correct status. Firmware 1.58. Do Power Off, system turns off, but status shows “Host is currently on” 09/03/14
6 When NTP sync is enabled in web gui, than ntp daemon freely listen for ntp queries all over the world.

I checked it with command:

ntpq -c rv <IP address>

I was repeatedly urged by different ISPs for the world, that IP address of this IPMI interface is used to NTP DDoS attacks.
7 I want to ask if there is a software, which is similar to SUM. Because I would copy Bios Settings, from one to another. But I would work local with a Flash memory. Or work SUM also local? I Use the X10SLL-F Motherboard 08/27/14
8 Is there new firmware update for IPMI to fix CVE-2014-0224 (OpenSSL) for X9 ATEN firmware? 08/22/14
9 We have a number of Supermicro SYS-5038ML-H8TRF chassis, Intel 10GE ethernet adaptors that we bought from supermicro. We're trying to use the ipmitool to change the boot order from the stock Cd/Hard disk/Network to network/Hard Disk/ CD-DVD.
I'm not able to see an option for Network when I run the IPMITOOL, is there an option to set a network boot upon next boot on the supermicro servers?
10 We have X9SRE-F board, and the problem is that these servers by default generated certificates with serial number equal to 01:

$ openssl s_client -showcerts -connect | openssl x509 -inform pem -noout -issuer -issuer_hash -serial

depth=0 C = US, ST = California, O = Super Micro Computer, OU = Software, CN = IPMI

verify error:num=18:self signed certificate

verify return:1

depth=0 C = US, ST = California, O = Super Micro Computer, OU = Software, CN = IPMI

verify return:1

issuer= /C=US/ST=California/O=Super Micro Computer/OU=Software/CN=IPMI


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