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Category:  Hardware Monitoring
Keyword:  IPMI
1498 FAQs Found

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Question Date
1 When i try to update it to the latest version i get this error. Sometimes cold reset and clearing browser cache will help to solve this error but at the moment i can’t update it to the latest version the current version of the server is 3.17. 05/21/15
2 I have a question about the new sensors. What part does the SAS3 R5V and SAS3 R12V corresponds to? Is it backplane, or hard drive, or PS? 05/21/15
3 I have super blade 7127RG-E and how can I change the SMTP setting in IPMI config. The From address is always smc@smc.com. The alert section only allows me to set the destination address and not the sending address. I cannot locate a way to change smc@smc.com to something else. There is only option to change Server IP Address only but not email. How can I change sending address smc@smc.com to another email address? 05/21/15
4 Recently I purchased a Supermicro workstation with the following components. MBD-X10SLA-F-O and CSE-842TQ-865B I cannot find any settings in the BIOS to setup FAN levels. Can you help please? 05/15/15
5 On your website the IPMI firmware download for my server (SS4027GR-TRT) is version 3.20.

Can you tell me where I might find the latest version?

My customer is telling me they have version 8.31 (which allows them to lower the fan speed).
6 Can I change the IPMI LAN mode from shared to dedicated using SMCIPMITool? 05/08/15
7 In IPMI webUI I noticed a new sensor. What part does the SAS3 R5V and SAS3 R12V corresponds to? Is it backplane, or hard drive, or PS? 05/08/15
8 Please provide IPMI RAW command to get PS status for SBB 05/08/15
9 ipmi_poweroff in ubuntu does not work

1. sudo modprobe ipmi_poweroff to load ipmi_poweroff module

2. sudo shutdown -h now to power off the system

3. Disconnect power cable

4. Reconnect power cable

5. Check power state - Since system was shut down before power off, it should stay off at this point, but doesn’t…
10 After login into IPMI site, where can I set the email "send from and To" on SMTP setting. It’s only showed an option “Mail Server IP:” only. I don’t see any option to put email address… 05/08/15

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