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Intel® 3420 / 3400 Chipset-based Server Systems

Supermicro's introduction of the industry's widest range of next-generation affordable Uni-Processor (UP) servers and serverboards are based on the powerful and energy efficient Intel® Xeon® processor 3400 series and 3400/3420 chipsets. These entry-level servers deliver outstanding performance, dependability, manageability, productivity, and lower TCO, making them ideal for DTOS (desktop-on-the-side) server replacements and as first True Servers for branch offices and small businesses.

Supermicro's advanced system-level features include support for 2.5" and 3.5" HDDs with RAID functionality, high-efficiency power supplies, tool-less chassis designs, optimized cooling, high MTBF fans, and Whisper-Quiet 25 dB operation. The chassis form-factors include 1U, 1U Twin, 2U Twin2®, UIO, short-depth, rackmount, and mini-tower.

Supermicro leads the industry with support for the Intel® Xeon® processor 3400 series. These serverboards are based on the Intel 3400/3420 chipset and feature integrated support for SAS 2.0 (6 GB/s), IPMI 2.0, PCI-Express 2.0, and both registered and un-buffered DDR3 memory. Our extensive selection of serverboards provides expansion options to suit specific end-user application needs.

Supermicro's fully validated servers and serverboards make this the most complete line of advanced UP server systems in the industry.

Integrated Two-Chip Solution

The Intel 3420/3400 chipset-based platforms support the Intel® Xeon® processor 3400 series in the LGA 1156 socket. These new highly integrated processors feature an Integrated Memory Controller (IMC) and PCI Express 2.0 I/O interface, along with support for registered and un-buffered DDR3 memory.

This integration reduces the total processor and chipset device number from three (CPU + MCH + ICH) to two devices (CPU + PCH), allowing for lower power consumption and higher performance. These new platforms provide the following key features:

Higher Performance
  • Supports Intel® Xeon® processors 3400 series with Integrated Memory Controller
  • Registered and un-buffered DDR3 memory up to 1333 MHz
  • PCI-Express 2.0 for up to 5 GT/s transfer speeds
Lower Power Consumption
  • 90%+ VRM power efficiency
  • ENERGY STAR® compliant
  • Optimized cooling solutions and heat sinks
Lower Cost Through Smart Integration
  • Highly integrated two-chip solution
  • On-board IPMI 2.0 support reduces remote management costs
  • Integrated Broadcom 2008 SAS 2.0 controller (optional)
  • 4 Gigabit LAN ports for enhanced communication applications (optional)
  • Integrated Matrox G200eW graphics with 16 MB video memory

Product Highlights

Next generation Intel® Xeon® processor-based entry server platform. Latest technology with lower power consumption and higher energy efficiency.
5036I-I / 5036I-IF
25dB SuperServer 5036I-I(F)
Whisper quiet and Tool-less chassis design. Great for Small office / Home Low cost Server, or Application Server

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