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Supermicro MicroBlade - Micro Server Cost and Density with Blade Advantages

The Supermicro MicroBlade system is an ideal solution to address the needs of highly parallel, scale-out workloads that are increasingly demanded of the datacenter. The Supermicro MicroBlade is an ideal platform to manage these workloads due to its high node density, best-in-class energy efficiency, and small physical footprint.

Open Networking: Improving Economics and Unlocking Innovation in the Data Center

Open networking allows data center switches to be managed in the same manner as servers. Network administrators who adopt open networking leverage familiar switching and routing features provided by the Linux OS, while server administrators use their existing Linux tools as they deploy open networking to support VMware vSphere, OpenStack, big data, and other application environments. DevOps teams benefit from the ability to innovate at a faster pace.