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Supermicro® Mirantis Unlocked Appliance


As IT organizations face increasing pressure to become more agile while also meeting the needs of end-users accustomed to public cloud services, the costs and reality of deploying private clouds can be challenging. OpenStack has emerged as the leading open cloud platform that not only enables large scale production-ready clouds but also drives down the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) associated with on premises deployments.

Supermicro and Mirantis are bringing the best of cloud and converged infrastructure together to simplify OpenStack deployments and reduce the time-to-value of your private cloud, allowing you to focus on your business and your applications. Together our goal is to ensure the success of your OpenStack cloud, enabling you to achieve Agile IT.

Arista 7050SX-72
Arista 7010T-48

Compute + Foundation
Supermicro SuperServer

Supermicro SuperStorage
Server 6028R

Superserver 2028TP-HR
SuperStorage Server 6028R

• Certified by Supermicro and Mirantis

• Pre-integrated/Pre-validated Hardware and Software

• Fully Optimized for Scalability, Density, Efficiency

  • Reduce Time-to-Deployment From Months to Hours

• Industry Leading Performance (VMs/$, IOPS/$)

• 24x7 support

 Unlocked Appliance Configurations

The Supermicro Mirantis Unlocked Cloud Appliance supports various configurations depending on the desired capacity. Each Unlocked Appliance requires three foundation nodes, compute and storage nodes. Number of compute and storage nodes can be customized depending upon the workload requirements. Once the master rack is at maximum capacity, a single expansion rack can be added.

Supermicro SKU Product Description VM Capacity Power Footprint (kW)
SRS-OPNSTK-MTAP-01 11 nodes 240 4.1
SRS-OPNSTK-MTAP-02 17 nodes 432 6.1
SRS-OPNSTK-MTAP-03 22 nodes 624 7.7
SRS-OPNSTK-MTAP-04 28 nodes 816 9.6
SRS-OPNSTK-MTAP-05 34 nodes 1008 11.6

 Management Software

  • Supermicro Server Manager - Open Industry Standard server management
  • Remotely manage hardware and OS configuration & health Manages power consumption of nodes in cluster
  • Manages firmware provisioning through BMC/IPMI Execute commands on multiple target systems in parallel

 Rack Integration and Proof of Concept Services

  • Consulting service on solution architecture design
  • Test equipment including servers, storage, network switches, cabinets, PDUs, and power meters
  • Remotely manage hardware and OS configuration & health


  • Flexible and customizable service level agreements (SLA): 4-Hour and Next Business Day Onsite Service
  • Media Retention, Onsite deployment, Preventative Maintenance, and Remote Management Service options available
  • Live, domestic call center response

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