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Intel Quarterly Security Release (QSR), March 2019

  • This update applies only to the X11 family of products powered by Intel® Xeon® processors. Quarterly Security Release (QSR) combines the delivery of security updates that may have been previously provided individually.
  • INTEL-SA-00185 (CVE-2018-12188, CVE-2018-12189, CVE-2018-12190, CVE-2018-12191, CVE-2018-12192, CVE-2018-12199, CVE-2018-12198, CVE-2018-12200, CVE-2018-12187, CVE-2018-12196, CVE-2018-12185, CVE-2018-12208)
  • INTEL-SA-00191 (CVE-2018-12201, CVE-2018-12202, CVE-2018-12203, CVE-2018-12205, CVE-2018-12204)


View table that shows affected X11 Supermicro products.

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