We have two other machines on which the chassis intrusion alarm consistently goes off. We would like to know how to disable them using the ipmitool raw commands, as disabling them from the web interface seems to require disabling all notifications.
Due to the chassis intrusion sensor record address varies with motherboard, if you can use ipmitool, please dump the sdr record and email to us. The command to use is:

ipmitool -H -U -P sdr dump sdr_record

It will create a file, sdr_record, locally. Please eail this file to Tech Support. We can find out the chassis intrusion sensor record's address for you. Once you got the address, issue the following command to obtain the reservation ID.

ipmitool -H -U -P raw 0x0a 0x22

Now issue the following commands to remove this monitored sensor from SDR list.

ipmitool -H -U -P raw 0x0a 0x26 0x47 0x00 0x17 0x00

(where "0x47 0x00" is the reservation ID, and "0x17 0x00" is the sensor's record address.)

You may verify again if the sensor's record had been removed.

ipmitool -H -U -P sdr elist
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