I use your X8SIL-F mainboard with a Core I3 540 CPU and 2GB DDR3 Unbuffered non ECC memory modules, and found out that this combination was not working, after consulting the manual, I saw that I have to use Unbuffered ECC memory, but according to Intel Specification Core I3 processor doesn’t support ECC, so why is that?
Intel is using the same Core i3 processor at both Desktop as server platforms
So when Core i3 processor is inserted in to a server chipset platform, like with intel 3400/3420/3450 chipset,then the CPU will support ECC with UDIMM.
On the other hand if Core i3 is pluged into a Desktop chipset mainboard, like with P55, H55… chipset, then CPU won’t have ECC support function.
So with X8SIL-F using Server 3420 chipset,you need to install unbuffered ECC memory in combination with Core I3 processor.
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