How do I connect SATA LED cable from SCE-M35T1 to SATA-MV8?
One end of the LED cable we provide has a 10-pin female socket and the other end has 6 split connectors: brown, red, orange, yellow, black, and green.

The 10-pin socket is designed for our SuperMicro CSE-M34T or CSE-M35T SATA backplane. Pin 1 (brown color) should be connected to pin one on the SATA backplane denoted by a small arrow (i.e. "<").

The split cable connectors shown in the table below:

BrownActivity 1
RedActivity 2
OrangeActivity 3
YellowActivity 4
GreenActivity 5

For example on the X5DAL-TG2 the connections would be as shown below.

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