We are using Linux and did not install xWindow. Is there any CLI tool to check the firmware revision of the backplane in the 847E16-R1400LPB chassis?
You can use the LSI xflash tool in Supermicro ExpanderXtools Lite ( to check the firmware revision. Please do NOT use the xflash tool to update the firmware, for it will reset the expander's WWN.

You can check the expander firmware version like below.

(1) Check the expander SAS address first as below:

# ./xflash -i get avail

(2) Put the SAS address of the backplane that you want to find the firmware version number.

# ./xflash -i get ver

Region 0 : boot region

1 : active region

2 : update region

3 : MFG region

Please use the active (1) or update (2) region to find the firmware version.

(3) Here is the sample command:

# ./xflash -i 50030480000000FF get ver 1
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