We currently have two servers with the Supermicro 2027TR-D70FRF (X9DRT-HIBFF) that we are trying to update the Onboard LSI 2008 SAS firmware to LSI card is shown at POST alright and functioning correctly. We downloaded IT mode firmware from Supermicro FTP. The sas2flsh.exe utility will error with "fail to initialize PAL." Any reason why we are seeing this error?
We believe there is a conflict between the UEFI BIOS and the current sasflsh.exe utility included. Please use EFI version of the sas2flash tool (sas2flash.efi), instead. You can download it from LSI website or contact Supermicro Tech Support (

Here is the instruction:

1. Save FW and utility to USB flash drive
2. Boot to UEFI shell
3. Change to flash drive. Usually it’s fs0, but please confirm with "map" command first.
- Shell> map
- Shell> fs0:
4. Start flash the firmware:
- Shell> sas2flash -o -e 6
- Shell> sas2flash.efi -f 2008IT12.FW
- Shell> sas2flash -b mptsas2.rom
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