I try downloading 2308 IR firmware and patch to my mainboard, X9DRD-7LN4F. I noticed the failure message coming just right after executing the command. Can you tell me what steps are necessary for upgrading LSI 2308 onboard RAID?
LSI 2308 does not support legacy mode flash anymore. You will have to upgrade it from UEFI shell.
1. Enter to UEFI shell
2. "Map" to get drive listing
3. Enter to the drive, ie: fs0
4. Go to firmware folder under the drive (fs0), for example Firmware\LSI\2308\IR
5. Execute the flash by SMC2x08xx.NSH file (name should be like this format).
6. You should see the progress for upgrading
7. Finally, type in SAS address from label which is on the mainboard.
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