I would like to change the Serial Number in the FRU. I found IPMICFG on your FTP. I tried all of these option and could not get the DMI info to update. This is an example of the command I used and it returned the help file:

./ipmicfg-linux.x86_64 -fru 2s 1234567890
You are using the wrong command to try and set it. The user guide shows:
-fru Write FRU.

So to write for Serial Number field, it’s the BS field
IPMICFG.exe –fru BS 1234567890

The user guide has an example listed out and a list of fields.
Available Fields for FRU
Chassis Info Fields:
CT ;Chassis Type
CP ;Chassis Part number
CS ;Chassis Serial number
Board Info Fields:
BDT ;Board Mfg. Date/Time (YYYYMMDDhhmm)
BM ;Board Manufacturer
BPN ;Board Product Name
BS ;Board Serial Name
BP ;Board Part Number
Product Info Fields:
PM ;Product Manufacturer
PN ;Product Name
PPM ;Product Part/Model Number
PV ;Product Version
PS ;Product Serial Number
PAT ;Asset Tag
ipmicfg -fru PS ;read product serial number
ipmicfg -fru PS 123456789 ;write product serial number
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