On X9DRG-QF/X9DRG-HF series boards, the USB ports and NICs do not work when booted into our customized WinPE. The same WinPE image works fine with any other boards.
On the GPU system that use X9DRG-HF series, X9DRG-QF, inside BIOS the “above 4G decoding” option is ENABLED by default to support multiple GPUs. On other systems, the above 4G decoding option is DISABLED by default.

When above 4G decoding is enabled, it shifts and remaps everything to 64bit addresses, including the USB ports. Therefore, USB will not function when your 32bit PE is booted. If you were to disable above 4G decoding on the GPU system, you can see the USB ports functioning with PE booted.

It works fine in our environment because our PE is 64bit, so USB functions work in our PE. You will need to rebuild your PE to be 64bit for it to be compatible.
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