Everytime you reboot the server with the Supermicro X10SLM+-F and the Adaptec RAID 71605Q Controller installed in one of the PCIe slots, leads to an not functional RAID Controller BIOS. During a normal boot process the Adaptec RAID 71605Q controller begins to boot and initializes with blinking LEDs from left to right and back. During a reboot the controller just does nothing and the LEDs are all shining with no movement. After some time (it takes longer than a normal boot) the controller fails with the following message: --------- Press CrtlA for Adaptec RAID Configuration Utility! Booting the Controller Kernel...... Controller Monitor disabled or failed to start...! Controller not started Press any key to continue ... --------- I tested the following, but hat no success: - I put the controller into every PCIe port - I tried every PCIe Generation setting in the BIOS (Gen 1, Gen 2, Gen 3, Auto) - I tried several PCIe Link Power Management / ASPM settings - I changed the PCIe card boot mode from Legacy to EFI (in legacy mode the controller hangs with the message above; in EFI mode it hangs during post action 92) Maybe the problem has to do with some kind of power management or the PCIe slots are not correctly resetted during reboot?
Please request BIOS name X10SLH4.618 from Tech Support.
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