I have a 1U Server 5018A-TN4 that just keep stuck by the post screen System Initialization 91. I took the battery out, which did not do anything, still stuck on the post screen.
Make sure to disconnect all USB devices and remove all add-card then follow procedure below to clear CMOS to see it pass post code 91.

1. If without USB keyboard but still hang at post code 91 then try to clear the CMOS.

2. Disconnect the AC power cord.

3. Remove internal CMOS battery.

4. Find JBT1 solder pad and short contact about 5 to 10 second.

5. Re-insert the CMOS battery.

6. Re-connect AC power cord.

7. Wait until you see BMC blinking green LED.

8. Power On system board and enter to CMOS setup.

9. Load Restore Optimal save change and exit to reboot.
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