How do I upgrade firmware for onboard LSI 2308 in X10SL7-F?
Upgrading LSI 2308 firmware has to be done in UEFI shell.

1) Please copy all files from UEFI folder to bootable USB disk

2) Get SAS address from LSI configuration utility (CTRL-H or something during POST)

--only get last 9 digits in appropriate screen

3) Boot to UEFI shell (press F11 to invoke boot menu for selection)

Change to USB flash drive in command prompt by typing fS0: or fs[0..50].

4) Go to directory with CD command

5) Run SMC2308T.nsh and follow the instruction to enter the last 9 digits/character of the SAS address.

6) If you are having problem to enter the SAS address, please use the command below to set the controller SAS address.

sas2flash.efi -o –sasadd “Controller SAS address”
For example: sas2flash.efi -o –sasadd 50030480070a8b00

7) Reboot the system
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