We are experiencing an issue with SMT_X10 Firmware versions up to 2.13
System: SYS-1018D-73MTF
Mainboard: X10SL7-F

Over IPv6 the system does NOT respond to IPMI command's.
ipmitool version 1.8.15 has IPv6 support and using Wireshark I see that ipmitool sends out the IPv6 packet, but gets back a ICMPv6 response that the destination is not reachable (port closed).
Is there any IPv6 bug causing this or is this IPv6 connection method unsupported?
We don’t implement IPV6 for IPMI but we do in other services.

You can see our firmware have IPv6 settings in webUI and in the IPMI manual, but it is for other services like ipmi web, ssh and etc.
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