I would like to use Intel 750 NVMe PCIe SSD as the system drive, but I’m not sure if X9DAi supports boot from NVMe, please advise.
Please follow the steps below to install Windows in UEFI mode, then you should be able to boot from this PCIE NVMe drive.

1. Boot into BIOS to modify settings below, then save and exit BIOS.
§ Advanced -> PCIe/PCI/PnP Configuration -> Launch Storage OpROM policy -> UEFI only (default is “Legacy only")
§ Boot -> Boot mode select -> UEFI (default is “LEGACY”)

2. During POST, press and select “UEFI: DVD-ROMxxxxx” or other UEFI device bundled with OS image to start the installation.

3. After OS installation, you should be able to see “Windows Boot Manager (xxxxxxx)” under boot option list.
It’s best to change the boot sequence in BIOS if it’s not in 1st boot priority.
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