We have X9DRW-IF. Once it refuse to provide iKVM from web-interface with error message "Invalid session token. Authentication failed".

I found for this error on you site and update BMC firmware to vesion 2.59. After this, BMC don't start correct! All motherboard sensors in state "Not Available". BIOS does infinite reboot loop. "BMC Restore Factory Defaults" and power off by 10 minutes don't help.

Can you help us with this problem?
Please try updating the BIOS to latest version: 3.2 (to match the IPMI FW latest version 2.59). You may remove (or short pin 2-3) jumper on JPB1 (to temporary disable the BMC-IPMI) from interfering your BIOS update process.
After BIOS updated to 3.2 and boot up fine, then, you may enable the BMC-IPMI JPB1 (by shorting pin 1-2).
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