I cannot connect to the default IPMI port on JBOD Power Board(CSE-PTJBOD-CB3).
If you direct connect a network cable to JBOD board(CSE-PTJBOD-CB3) at first connection, it may cause the IPMI gateway IP is an error!! the solution is, need to connect DHCP switch first to get the correct gateway IP then reset the JBOD system by pressing UID rest button for more 6 sec.

If still fail to connect with default IP:, you need to recover with followings steps.

1. Connect the JBOD IPMI port to a switch that connected to DHCP server.

2. Press reset button for more than >12 seconds until the blue UID is solid on.

3. Wait for the LAN port is back after brief fan spin down.

4. Press the reset button for more than >6 seconds until the blue UID LED blinking.

5. Wait for the LAN port to be back after brief fan spin down then wait for 5 mins.

6. Now, either connect your host directly to JBOD IPMI port or connect the host to the same switch and you should be able to ping and access to the default IPMI IP


1.Please make sure you CSE-PTJBOD-CB3 IPMI FW is the latest version:
R1.20, then you can follow above step to reset the system.

2.IPMI_R1.20 FW download link :
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