We install dual E5-2696 v2 on X9DR3-LN4F+, the system starts but I see nothing. The CPU confirmed working fine on ASUS server board, have to update X9DR3-LN4F+ BIOS to the latest one, it should support E5-2600 v2 series CPU, any suggestion?
This issue was due to your CPU E5-2696 v2 was not list in Intel standard E5-2600 v2 model list, it's core stepping (C1, SR19G) was for OEM microprocessor only, and was different from Intel standard model E5-2697 v2 core stepping (C1, SR19H).

Since our X9DR3-LN4F+ was a standard XEON server motherboard, not an OEM model, please use another E5-2600 v2 standard model CPU for X9DR3-LN4F+ application.
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