IPMIview experiences tainted green screen when using KVM for X9 MB.
Please use the following workaround solution:
1) Extract libraries from IPMI GUI
For Linux: http://<BMC_IP>/liblinux_x86_64__V1.0.5.jar.pack.gz
For Win: http://<BMC_IP>/libwin_x86_64__V1.0.5.jar.pack.gz


2) Unpack and unzip libwin_x86_64__V1.0.5.jar.pack.gz
To unpack may use unpack200

Ex. unpack200 libwin_x86_64__V1.0.5.jar.pack.gz  libwin.jar

Then unzip the libwin.jar and you will get the libraries.

For Win:

For Linux:

3) Navigate to IPMIView directory and rename original libraries as backup
*.dll  for Windows
*.so for Linux

Ex. Rename original 'iKVM64.dll' in the IPMIview folder to a backup name.

4) Put the libraries(*.dll or *.so) from step 2) into the IPMIView folder
i.e, move iKVM64.dll from unpacked libwin.jar into the IPMIview folder

5) Launch IPMIVIew to verify workaround fix, KVM should no longer have tainted green screen

Note: this workaround applies for X9 boards, if user would like to use IPMIView KVM operation on ex: X10 and X11, they will need to rollback to original libraries

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