Customers, experiencing Windows 11 and Windows 2022 network driver support for those motherboards with Intel i-225LM or other equivalent gaming/desktop network SoC controller, such as i-215LM, can refer to the following FAQ as best practice.
For those motherboards with Intel i-225LM or other network controllers, such as i219v, installing Intel network driver with version PRO26.7 to support Windows Server 2022 officially and PRO26.8 for Windows 11 are necessary to get rid of yellow mark exclamation under device manager. PRO v26.7 ETA release is approximately on WW02'22 and PRO26.8 is on Q1' 2022 (subject to change without notice).

With loading Supermicro driver CD, Network driver button will be hidden while using PRO 26.6 driver under Windows 11 operation system. User will not be able to repo this issue on Windows 10. Similarly, this symptom is also applied on Windows 2022 and behaves normally in Windows 2019. In future release for Supermicro driver CD, this problem can be resolved. 
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