Is there any way to replace the SR firmware for the H8DM3-2 onboard LSI 1068E SAS controller with the IT firmware?
Here are the instructions to flash the IT firmware on the H8DM3-2,

1. Unzip the H8DM3-2-SAS file to a bootable floppy, boot to it with the JPS1 jumper on (closed).

2. Run the flash1.bat. When prompted for the firmware, hit .

3. Power off the system when it is done.

4. Remove the JPS1 jumper and power on.

5. Unzip the file to another bootable floppy and boot to it.

6. Run the H8DM32.bat file. When prompted for the SAS ID, key in the number on the label beside the SAS connector.

7. Power off the system when it is done.
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