Any chance that I can use 2.5” HDD in 836 chassis?
You have the following choices.

MCP-220-00043-0N: 2.5" HDD in 4th generation 3.5" hot swap tray.

MCP-220-83601-0B can only fit for 1x 9.6mm thick 2.5” HDD when w/o FDD.

MCP-220-00023-01 can only fit for 1x 9.6mm thick 2.5” HDD when w/o USB.

MCP-290-00036-0B: Black DVD dummy tray support 1x2.5 HDD for SC113-, 815-, 825-, 836-, A/TQ/Exx models. Include 4x DVD screws and 4x 2.5" HDD screws. Will need to re-use the rails originally attached on the DVD. In SC815, 825, 836 it only supports slim 2.5” HDD (thickness < 9.6mm). In SC113 it can supports full height 2.5" HDD (15mm).

MCP-220-82601-0N can fit for 2x 15mm thick 2.5” HDD depends on which MB.
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