I have an X8 series board with IPMI. Can I set the IPMI port (dedicated vs. shared with lan1) via BIOS or motherboard jumper setting?
IPMI can use either dedicated or shared. This has to be done either through Web GUI or through IPMI RAW command. It cannot be done through BIOS or jumper settings.

From Web:
Configuration -> LAN select -> Select LAN port

Using IPMI RAW command user can get and set LAN mode.

LAN mode get:
Input : NetFn 0x30
Cmd 0x70
Param1 0x0c
Param2 0

Output: Completion Code 0x00
Data [dedicated/on-board/fail-over]

LAN mode set:
Input : NetFn 0x30
Cmd 0x70
Param1 0x0c
Param2 1
Param3 disable/enable (0/1)
Param4 [dedicated/on-board/fail-over]

Output: Completion Code 0x00
dedicated: 0
onBoard: 1
failover: 2

eg: To set to On-board use command
raw 0x30 0x70 0x0c 1 1 1

Note: Fail-over at present is only supported on boards with Aten IPMI FW.
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