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SMCI Part # Manufacturer Manufacturer Part # Interface Capacity Description PWRidle PWRread EOL Date
HDS-TMN0-KXG60ZNV1T02 Toshiba KXG60ZNV1T02 NVMe M.2 1024GB Kioxia XG6 1TB NVMe M.2 22x80mm <1DWPD 0 4.7
HDS-TMN0-KXG60ZNV256G Toshiba KXG60ZNV256G NVMe M.2 256GB Kioxia XG6 256GB NVMe M.2 22x80mm <1DWPD 0 4
HDS-TMN0-KXG60ZNV512G Toshiba KXG60ZNV512G NVMe M.2 512GB Kioxia XG6 512GB NVMe M.2 22x80mm <1DWPD 0 4.1
HDS-IMN0-SSDPELKX010T8 Intel SSDPELKX010T8 NVMe GEN3 1000GB Intel DC P4511 1T NVMe M.2 22x110mm up to 1DWPD 3.5 7.6
HDS-IMN0-SSDPELKX020T8 Intel SSDPELKX020T8 NVMe GEN3 2000GB Intel DC P4511 2T NVMe M.2 22x110mm up to 1DWPD 3.5 8.25
HDS-SMN1-MZ1LB1T9HALS07 Samsung MZ1LB1T9HALS-00007 NVMe M.2 1920GB Samsung PM983,1.9TB,NVMe,PCIe3.0x4,V4 TLC VNAND,M.2,22x110mm 2.6 8
HDS-SMN1-MZ1LB3T8HMLA07 Samsung MZ1LB3T8HMLA-00007 NVMe M.2 3840GB Samsung PM983,3.8TB,NVMe,PCIe3.0x4,V4 TLC VNAND,M.2,22x110mm 2.6 8
HDS-SMN1-MZ1LB960HAJQ07 Samsung MZ1LB960HAJQ-00007 NVMe M.2 960GB Samsung PM983,960GB,NVMe,PCIe3.0x4,V4 TLC VNAND,M.2,22x110mm 2.6 7.2
See Archived List (EOL SKUs)
HDS-IMN0-SSDPEKKA256G8 Intel SSDPEKKA256G8 NVMe M.2 256GB Intel D1 P4101 256G NVMe PCIe3.0x4 M.2 22x80mm, up to 0.5DWPD 0.7 6.4 2021/01/31
HDS-IMN0-SSDPEKKA512G8 Intel SSDPEKKA512G8 NVMe M.2 512GB Intel D1 P4101 512G NVMe PCIe3.0x4 M.2 22x80mm, up to 0.5DWPD 0.7 6.4 2021/01/15
HDS-IMN0-SSDPEKKA010T8 Intel SSDPEKKA010T8 NVMe M.2 1024GB Intel D1 P4101 1TB NVMe PCIe3.0x4 M.2 22x80mm, up to 0.5DWPD 0.7 6.4 2020/12/25
HDS-IMN0-SSDPEKKA020T8 Intel SSDPEKKA020T8 NVMe M.2 2048GB Intel D1 P4101 2T NVMe PCIe3.0x4 M.2 22x80mm, up to 0.3DWPD 0.7 6.4 2020/12/10
HDS-IMN0-SSDPEKKA128G8 Intel SSDPEKKA128G8 NVMe M.2 128GB Intel D1 P4101 128G NVMe PCIe3.0x4 M.2 22x80mm, up to 0.5DWPD 0.7 6.4 2020/07/09

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