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SMCI Part # Manufacturer Manufacturer Part # Interface Capacity Description PWRidle PWRread EOL Date
HDS-RMT0-TS128VSM4MD15SI Transcend TS128VSM4MD15SI SATA3 128GB Transcend IoT MTS400I 128G SATA M.2 22x42mm 2.6DWPD I-Temp 0.13 0.46
HDS-RMT0-TS128VSM8MD15SI Transcend TS128VSM8MD15SI SATA3 128GB Transcend IoT MTS800I 128G SATA M.2 22x80mm 2.6DWPD I-Temp 0.08 0.25
HDS-RMT0-TS256VSM4MD15SI Transcend TS256VSM4MD15SI SATA3 256GB Transcend IoT MTS400I 256G SATA M.2 22x42mm 2.6DWPD I-Temp 0.13 0.46
HDS-RMT0-TS32VSM4MD15SI Transcend TS32VSM4MD15SI SATA3 32GB Transcend IoT MTS400I 32G SATA M.2 22x42mm 2.6DWPD I-Temp 0.12 0.24
HDS-RMT0-TS512VSM4MD15SI Transcend TS512VSM4MD15SI SATA3 512GB Transcend IoT MTS400I 512G SATA M.2 22x42mm 2.6DWPD I-Temp 0.13 0.46
HDS-RMT0-TS64VM28UD15SM Transcend TS64VM28UD15SM SATA3 64GB Transcend IoT MTS860 64G SATA M.2 22x80mm 16.9DWPD Normal-Temp 0.13 0.32
HDS-RMT0-TS64VSM4MD15SI Transcend TS64VSM4MD15SI SATA3 64GB Transcend IoT MTS400I 64G SATA M.2 22x42mm 2.6DWPD I-Temp 0.13 0.22

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