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Security Vulnerabilities Table

Tables below outline BIOS versions for the Supermicro products that are affected by various Security Advisories (SA).

The following table shows the impacted motherboards and the BIOS or Management Software version necessary to address the given issue. If you know the Supermicro system, but not the motherboard, go to the System webpage and look for the "Integrated Motherboard" information. Fixes implemented in an earlier version are carried forward into future versions ( e.g. issues fixed in 2.0a are also fixed in 3.0a).

The following X12 generation Supermicro Motherboards are impacted by this issue.
Additional systems will be added to this list as information becomes available.

System Listings:   |  X12 DP |  X12 UP |  B12 SuperBlade |  X12 MP & Embedded |

  Dual Processor (2S) X12 Systems
  Intel IPU 2021.1
Intel Advisory  
Motherboard BIOS Version
X12DAi-N6 Not Affected
X12DDW-A6 Not Affected
X12DGO-6 Not Affected
X12DHM-6 Not Affected
X12DPD-A6M25 Not Affected
X12DPFR-AN6 Not Affected
X12DPG-OA6 Not Affected
X12DPG-QT6 Not Affected
X12DPi-N6 Not Affected
X12DPi-NT6 Not Affected
X12DPL-i6 Not Affected
X12DPL-NT6 Not Affected
X12DPT-B6 Not Affected
X12DPT-PT6 Not Affected
X12DPU-6 Not Affected

  Single Processor (1P) X12 Systems
  Intel IPU 2021.1
Intel Advisory  
Motherboard BIOS Version
X12SPA-TF Not Affected
X12SPi-TF Not Affected
X12SPL-F Not Affected
X12SPL-LN4F Not Affected
X12SPM-LN4F Not Affected
X12SPM-LN6TF Not Affected
X12SPM-TF Not Affected
X12SPO-F Not Affected
X12SPO-NTF Not Affected
X12SPW-F Not Affected
X12SPW-TF Not Affected
X12SPZ-LN4F Not Affected
X12SPZ-SPLN6F Not Affected

  SuperBlade® B12 Systems
  Intel IPU 2021.1
Intel Advisory  
Motherboard BIOS Version
B12DPE-6 Not Affected
B12DPT-6 Not Affected
B12SPE-CPU-25G Not Affected

  X12 MP and Embedded Systems
  Intel IPU 2021.1 Intel IPU 2020.2 September 2020 Monthly Update
Intel Advisory   INTEL-SA-00358
Motherboard BIOS Version BIOS Version BIOS Version
X12QCH+ Not Afffected Not Afffected Not Afffected
X12SCA-F v 1.2 (pending) Not Afffected v 1.0b
X12SCQ v 1.2 (pending) v 1.0b v 1.0a
X12SCV-LVDS v 1.2 (pending) Not Affected Not Affected
X12SCZ-F v 1.2 (pending) v 1.0a v 1.0a
X12SCZ-QF v 1.2 (pending) v 1.0a v 1.0a
X12SCZ-TLN4F v 1.2 (pending) v 1.0a (Pending) v 1.0a (Pending)
X12STN-C 1.0 (pending)    
X12STN-C-WOHS 1.0 (pending)    
X12STN-L 1.0 (pending)    
X12STN-L-WOHS 1.0 (pending)    
X12STN-E 1.0 (pending)    
X12STN-E-WOHS 1.0 (pending)    
X12STN-H 1.0 (pending)    
X12STN-H-WOHS 1.0 (pending)    

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