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Opteron™ 800 Series Motherboards

nForce Pro 2200 + AMD 8132 BOARDS

Supermicro combines the capabilities of nVidia's MCP 2200 chipset with AMD's 8132 chipset to support four AMD Opteron™ 800 series processors, high-performance SATA2 (3Gb/s) hard drives, enhanced PCI-X 2.0 I/O performance, and PCI-Express capabilities. These features translate into increased flexibility and performance for mission-critical high-availability server applications.
Product Model Quick View Form Factor Memory HDD Other Key Features
H8QC8 * H8QC8 SWTX 64 GB DDR Dual U320,

H8QC8+ * H8QC8+ SWTX 64 GB DDR Dual U320,
Socket-F MB with 16 DIMM
H8QCE+ * H8QCE+ SWTX 64 GB DDR 4x SATA Socket-F MB with 16 DIMM

* = End-of-Life.

Product Highlights
Supermicro AMD Solutions 2U Aplus Server 2042G-72RF4
Quad/4-way 16/12/8/4-Core AMD Opteron™ 6000 series processors supported. 64 Cores High Performance Computing with 4x GbE LAN ports. LSI 2208 SAS2 RAID. 1x dedicated LAN for system management (IPMI2.0). Ideal for Mission-critical, firewall applications, Enterprise server, and HPC cluster node.

Supermicro SuperBlade SBA-7226T-T2
New G34 TwinBlade® provides an unmatched 3840 cores per 42U rack. Each TwinBlade has two nodes, and each node supports two Opteron 6000 series processors, two 2.5" SATA or SSD HDDs, and up to 128GB DDR3 DRAM.

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