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November11 2019 - Motherboards FAQs    [ Miscellaneous FAQs ]
7 FAQs Found

Question Date

We are building this system in a large and wide EATX case (see pics of two possible cases)

Our sales reps at Supermicro recommended for us these heat sinks,

But we would prefer a quieter fan.

The question is:
Can we use this larger fan instead? and is it quieter?

2 Command to dump SEL output 11/18/19

Have AS-1114S-WTRT system.

How many SATA Disks can I connect to onboard SATA controller ?
Guess up to 18 with cables Slim SAS to Backplane.
Which cables do I need for it? Please advice P/N

4 Customer asked if H11DSI-NT can support 1x AMD 7451 and 1x AMD 7452 CPU onto the daul socket M/B? 11/15/19
5 I put two NVMe on AOC-SLG3-2M2 and install on H12DST-B motherboard. However, system can only detect one NVMe in BIOS and OS. 11/15/19
6 When I am trying to run NVQUAL "PCI Express bandwidth test" on my H12 series motherboard (H12DST-B/H12SST-PS/H12SSW), I experience failure. Do you have any suggestion? 11/15/19
7 H11DSU-IN sometimes IPMI event log time rolled back to IPMI firmware build date. 11/10/19

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