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Supermicro TECHTalk – X13 Servers and Upcoming 5th Gen Intel® Xeon® Processors

Host Bob Moore is joined by Jerry Dien, Director of System Solutions at Supermicro and Gilberto Vargas, VP of Datacenter and AI Global Sales and Marketing at Intel to discuss how Supermicro X13 servers and the upcoming 5th Gen Intel Xeon processors can deliver unrivaled performance and efficiency across a broad spectrum workloads, helping organization maximize the benefits of their server infrastructure investment.

Radar Smart Security System

RADAR is the world's first security ecosystem that connects citizens with police departements and public institutions. 

SuperMinute: X13 SuperEdge

For 5G, IoT, and edge applications, SuperEdge is a 3-node short-depth system that delivers optimum performance and efficiency.

Supermicro COMPUTEX 2023 Keynote - Accelerate Everything

As a global leader in application-optimized Total IT Solutions, Supermicro is at the forefront of driving innovation in AI. Supermicro Founder and CEO, Charles Liang, will showcase the latest technological developments and opportunities that are propelling the growth of artificial intelligence and cloud computing, and highlight strategies for deploying Total IT Solutions with a focus on green computing, emphasizing Supermicro's commitment to sustainability.

Introducing the new Supermicro Liquid Cooled AI Development Platform, Powered by NVIDIA.

Supermicro and NVIDIA have partnered to develop a new solution, integrating hardware and software, addressing the needs of AI developers. Driven by 4 NVIDIA A100 GPUs, with 2 Fourth generation Intel Xeon processors, this solution is optimized to run over 50 NVIDIA AI enterprise applications that includes workflows, frameworks, pre-trained models, and infrastructure optimization and can run on VMware vSphere.

Supermicro TECHTalk – Media and the Metaverse with X13 PCIe GPU Systems

Creating life-like simulations, animations and 3D worlds such as the Metaverse require some of the most advanced, high performing servers on the market. Host Bob Moore talks with Supermicro Sr. Solutions Manager Alok Srivastav about the latest X13 Universal GPU systems powered by 4th Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, which can support up to 10 next-generation NVIDIA or Intel PCIe GPUs.

Supermicro CEO Keynote: Performance Redefined

Supermicro Founder, President, and CEO Charles Liang shares his vision for the future of the data center, and green computing as Supermicro introduces 15 new server families that redefine modern workload performance with 4th Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors (formerly codenamed Sapphire Rapids)

Supermicro TECHTalk – Ultimate Flexibility in the Data Center with X13 CloudDC and WIO Systems

When it comes to large-scale cloud data center deployments, flexibility is the name of the game. Supermicro's X13 CloudDC and WIO servers are designed to be adaptable to almost any workload, with numerous configurations—including new single-processor models— all powered by 4th Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors. Host Bob Moore talks cloud and enterprise with Sr. Product Engineer Alexander Yu to find out just how flexible these systems can be for the modern data center.

Supermicro TECHTalk – Maximum Density and Efficiency for Cloud and HPC with X13 Twin Systems

Supermicro is the undisputed leader in dense-yet-efficient Twin architectures, with BigTwin®, GrandTwin™ and FatTwin® bringing multi-node compute for a range of workloads from HPC and Cloud to EDA and the Edge. Host Bob Moore talks to GM, System Product Management, Bill Chen and Principal Product Manager, Josh Grossman about the benefits of multi-node architectures powered by 4th Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors for performance, security and green computing.

Supermicro TECHTalk – HPC Performance Meets Green Computing Efficiency with X13 SuperBlade®

Supermicro’s X13 SuperBlade® multi-node architecture can deliver the compute performance of an entire server rack in a much smaller physical footprint, with single or dual processor configurations and liquid or air-cooled options, all powered by 4th Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors. Host Bob Moore is joined by VP, Systems and Solutions, Raphael Wong to learn about all things SuperBlade and find out what makes this unique architecture such a compelling choice for organizations looking to maximize performance and density while reducing TCO, OPEX and TCE.