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Supermicro Solutions for hybrid and multi-cloud environments with GDC Virtual on SuperBlade®

Google Distributed Cloud Virtual (GDC Virtual) is a software-only solution that enables you to extend a consistent dev and operational experience to your existing data center environments. Ideal for new and existing enterprise applications or for real-time analytics that have specific hardware, security, and locality requirements that are most suitable for on-premises data centers. GDC Virtual is enabled by Anthos and allows customers to begin modernizing infrastructure, apps, and data in place - at a pace that makes sense for their business. GDC Virtual is self-managed and deployable onto virtual machines and bare metal systems, supporting greater choice and customization based on your unique needs.

Organizations with applications on-premises can turn to Supermicro SuperBlade servers running GDC Virtual on bare metal to transform their on-premises data center into a fully managed, fully integrated cloud region. GDC Virtual is a cloud-native application modernization platform that helps organizations move applications from legacy environments to container-based microservice architectures to reap the full benefits of cloud computing for both cloud-native and legacy applications. GDC Virtual offers a ready-to-go, on-premises platform that helps optimize setup and operating costs while extending the power of Google Kubernetes Engine to Supermicro SuperBlade servers, virtualized on-prem environments, and other public clouds. The Supermicro SuperBlade GDC Virtual solution is ideal for cloud-native workload management. Supermicro SuperBlade servers can be used as control panel nodes and worker nodes to create a GDC Virtual hybrid cluster. GDC Virtual on SuperBlade delivers consistent management, robust security features, out-of-the-box observability, and more. Supermicro SuperBlade, powered by 3rd Gen AMD EPYC processors, runs GDC Virtual with the operational efficiency and consistency needed to meet various SLAs and IT initiatives and empower increased productivity, optimized TCO, and scalability in your data center.

Google Anthos Hybrid Cluster Architecture

As a Google Distributed Cloud Virtual (GDCV) Ready Partner (formerly Anthos Ready), Supermicro offers a robust application modernization strategy with GDC Virtual on the SuperBlade Platform. Deploying GDC Virtual on a tested and validated SuperBlade yields faster time-to-market for new features and increased customer revenue by increasing release frequencies compared to legacy approaches. GDC Virtual on bare metal SuperBlade servers helps future-proof applications by placing them adjacent to Google's cloud services, including advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence options. SuperBlade offers high density, high performance, optimum power efficiency, and ideal Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for fast, power efficient GDC Virtual deployments on bare metal.

Solution Benefits:

Deploying GDC Virtual on Supermicro SuperBlade offers the following benefits:

  • Hardware agnostic: Customers can leverage existing on-prem SuperBlade servers to drive data center efficiency.
  • No hypervisor layer overhead: Deploying GDC Virtual on SuperBlade has reduced complexity.
  • Rapid deployment: Both developers and dev-ops teams benefit from increased productivity because GDC Virtual enables rapid cloud native application development and delivery.
  • Superior performance: Supermicro SuperBlade, powered by AMD EPYC CPUs and/or AMD Instinct accelerators plus advanced networking, delivers the performance needed to run today's and tomorrow's most demanding workloads on GDC Virtual. A large L3 Cache also reduces memory bandwidth pressure and reduces application latency barriers.
  • Easy manageability: SuperBlade CMM manageability coupled with GDC Virtual management enables increased operational efficiency (offers a dashboard with a range of health checks, logging, and monitoring).
  • Optimal TCO: Supermicro SuperBlade offers a building block solution with a Resource Saving Architecture that optimizes precious data center resources, such as power, space, and cooling.
  • Scalability: SuperBlade enables GDC Virtual to deploy at scale across development, test, and production clusters.


  • Improved productivity for development and security
    • Faster application development, testing, and deployment. Developers can write once and deploy anywhere.
    • Consistent, unified security policy creation and enforcement.
  • Streamlined Operational Efficiency
    • Reduced complexity with simplified management.
    • Faster migrations - IT can quickly containerize, lift, and shift applications.
    • Reduced effort for releases and patching.
  • Greener environmental impact and lower TCO
    • SuperBlade offers a high-density platform with 96% efficient power supplies, thereby reducing the carbon footprint.
    • Cost optimized building block solution for GDC Virtual with the lowest TCO.

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