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Intel's Sapphire Rapids Finally Here! Feat. Supermicro SYS-221BT-DNTR

Inside our BigTwin SYS-221BT-DNTR, powered by Intel 4th Gen Xeon Processors you will find thoughtful clever Engineering from Supermicro as we come to expect from Intel's new platform. See performance benchmarking results that make this server a very attractive option.


HOLY $H!T - The FASTEST CPU on the Planet - AMD EPYC 9654

Watch Linus test drive the new Supermicro H13 dual-socket Hyper 2125HS-TNR and and single-socket CloudDC AS-2015CS-TNR system with 96-core 4th Gen AMD EPYC™ processors to set some world records!


Supermicro X13SAE-F W680 Motherboard Mini-Review

The Supermicro X13SAE-F is an ATX motherboard measuring 12” x 9.6” and a feature set straddling the line between the workstation and server. It sports an Intel LGA-1700 (H5) socket, which will accept 12th-generation Core i3/i5/i7/i9 CPUs.