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Hands on with Supermicro's 22 NVMe SSD Ice Lake Server

The Supermicro Ultra SuperServer SYS-220U-TNR is a special configuration from the company, in that it brings 22 NVMe SSDs to the front of the system. Supermicro had to get crafty in terms of how they could support all of those SSDs on an Intel Ice Lake platform. Check out this detailed look at the server!


Supermicro Storage Server Review (36 Bay, Intel 3rd Gen Xeon)

Everyone knows Supermicro makes a server for almost every use case imaginable. Their extremely dense 3.5" platforms have been a favorite for any organization wrestling with expanding data footprints. The 36-bay storage server though, has for years hit the sweet spot in terms of capacity and price.


56-Core Storage Server!!! - Supermicro 620P Ice Lake Server Overview

Watch the review of the 620P Mainstream server from Supermicro that features dual all-new third generation Intel Xeon scalable processors. This server is equipped with the X12DPi-NT6 motherboard and 512GB of RAM. Two 6330 CPUs offer 56 cores and 112 threads offer at your disposal.


Supermicro A+ SuperWorkstation 5014A-TT Review

Supermicro’s A+ SuperWorkstation 5014A-TT (AS-5014A-TT) is a high-end desktop workstation. It can sport up to 64 processing cores thanks to its single AMD Threadripper Pro CPU, something no single-CPU Intel workstation can do.


Hands On: Supermicro Rack Plug and Play Cloud Infrastructure

Supermicro Rack Plug and Play Cloud Infrastructure is a complete solution designed for organizations that want to quickly deploy OpenShift. The solution offers a preconfigured, pre-validated rack-level total configuration that includes servers, storage, networking, software, management, racking, cabling and power.


Supermicro Rack Plug and Play Cloud OpenShift/K8s Clusters

When one thinks of Kubernetes (K8s), terms that often come to mind have to do with large-scale environments like “cloud-scale,” “unlimited expandability,” and even “ginormous.” However, the reality is that a significant portion of the IT world needs to start with much smaller K8s environments for development and production.


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