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Supermicro 2049P-TN8R Review Optimized 4P Intel Xeon Scalable Server

The Supermicro 2049P-TN8R (or technically the SYS-2049P-TN8R) is a 4-socket server that is designed differently from many of the other models we have tested like the Supermicro SYS-2049U-TR4. This server is designed for scale-out applications. It may seem like a slight nuance, but the system is designed differently for that purpose.


Supermicro X11SRi-IF Review: Mini-ITX for LGA 2066 Xeons

Supermicro’s mighty mini ITX Xeon board can make for a powerful compact number cruncher, but pricey server-class part requirements means most consumers should opt for X299 or Threadripper alternatives.


The Mac Pro Killer Build Guide, featuring Supermicro and Intel

Supermicro sent us their C621 chipset X11SPA-T motherboard, which does support the new Xeon W CPUs. You can also take into consideration the number of PCI-E slots you would like, in the case of this motherboard there is a PEX8747 chip that takes x16 lanes and outputs x32, so that we have a total of seven PCI-E slots.


Supermicro AS-E301-9D-8CN4 Review Embedded EPYC Appliance

The Supermciro AS-E301-9D-8CN4 is one of the more obtuse model names, but it is certainly one of the most exciting embedded servers we have seen in some time. It takes the same CSE-300 chassis footprint and adds extra space for more storage. By stretching the case from 1U to 1.5U, the expansion capabilities of the chassis increase dramatically.


Supermicro M11SDV-4C-LN4F Review mITX AMD EPYC 3151 Platform

The entire AMD EPYC 3000 lineup is fascinating. With four single-die SKUs, AMD offers different looks at the lower-power options in terms of cores and features. Onboard the Supermicro M11SDV-4C-LN4F is an AMD EPYC 3151 SoC.


SuperO C9Z390-PGW Motherboard Review

On paper this C9Z390-PGW has a fair amount going in its favour. SuperO offers a small selection of four Z390 motherboards and this particular model sits at the top of the stack with support for multiple graphics cards and a high powered 9th Gen desktop CPU.