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Supermicro Powers 5G Networks from End-to-End

Data Centers and the Cloud

  • Disaggregated servers based on Resource-Saving Architecture support data centers in the cloud and the virtualized 5G Core
  • Multi-node Twin architecture and high-density Blade systems for reduced TCO and PUE
  • Deep experience with virtualization and container solutions
  • Highest-performing GPU servers for data center machine learning/AI training

Virtualized RAN and the Edge

  • High-performance servers - supporting Intel® Xeon® 6 and Intel Xeon Scalable Processors - can be configured with FPGA accelerators for virtual RAN (vRAN), including O-RAN
  • Edge AI inferencing with GPU card options improves local decision-making for time-critical applications
  • Telecom-standard features including NEBS Level 3 compliance, AC/DC power, front I/O, and short-depth servers for central offices and micro data centers, plus IP65 ruggedized enclosures for outdoor installations

Private Wireless Networking

  • Powerful and versatile systems capable of high-speed, low-latency networking in remote deployments
  • A broad range of compact, fanless servers and gateways for IoT connectivity at the network edge
  • Purpose-built systems for workloads including vRAN, Open RAN, virtual BBU, and edge compute

SuperMinute: SuperEdge Multi-node Platform

The Supermicro SuperEdge is a highly flexible 2U platform that is designed to deliver data center level performance to the network edge. Watch the video to discover more.

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Delivering Scale and Efficiency to RAN Deployments

Discover Supermicro’s new X13 COTS Edge Server with Intel vRAN Boost. As Open RAN technology matures, operators seek ways to lower their network TCO. To meet this need, Supermicro has designed a unique, commercial of-the-shelf Distributed Unit with integrated timing and fronthaul features. The system is specifically built for maximum scalability, energy savings, and cost-efficiency.

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Scaling and Optimizing Open RAN Networks

The Open RAN landscape has matured significantly, reaching a pivotal stage where Tier 1 Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) are poised for large-scale deployment.

  • Key industry players have endorsed Open RAN
  • Technology has evolved to enable a diverse ecosystem
  • Open RAN empowers innovation and faster time-to-market
  • Focus shifts to scalable deployments and reducing cost

As the industry achieves performance parity with legacy solutions, attention turns to energy efficiency, dynamic workload management, and the ability to adapt to changing network traffic loads. Discover how new infrastructure solutions enable operators to streamline Open RAN deployments with increased efficiency, scalability, and a lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

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5G & Edge Featured Products

Supermicro Hyper-E

Hyper-E 2U Edge Server

High Performance and Configurability for 5G and Telco
Supermicro Short-depth 5G Edge Server

Short-depth 5G/Edge Server

Powerful Computing and Expandability for Micro Data Centers
Multi-node, shallow depth server for 5G and Edge deployments

2U 3-node SuperEdge Server

Multi-node, Short-depth Server for 5G and Edge Deployments
High Density Computing und Flexibilität am intelligenten Rand

2U 4-node SuperEdge Server

High-density System for the 5G Core and Telco Cloud
Supermicro Outdoor Edge System for 5G and Edge in extreme environments

Outdoor Edge Server

Pole-mounted Server Platform for 5G and Edge in Extreme Environments
1U telecommunication server with short height, high data throughput and front I/O for installations with limited space

1U Short-depth Telco Server

High Data Throughput and Front I/O for space-constrained deployments

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How AI Edge Platforms can Transform Smart Spaces

Artificial intelligence (AI) has the ability to transform the way cities and enterprises operate. From traffic management to street lights to retail stores and manufacturing plants, AI can streamline and optimize the way data is collected and analyzed.

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Solution Brief

Rakuten Symphony - Reimagining Telecom Infrastructure

Rakuten Symphony is a recognized leader in providing solutions for the mobile industry. Working together with Supermicro, Rakuten offers Mobile as a Software™, a complete O-RAN Solution for mobile operators.

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Supermicro And Neutroon Deliver Private 5G/LTE Network Cloud Platform

Supermicro and Neutroon collaborate to simplify the deployment of multi-vendor Private 5G and edge computing applications

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Supermicro's Purpose-Built, Flexible and Massively-Scalable GPU Edge Infrastructure Solution Empowers Gaming As A Service (GAAS) and Cross-Media Entertainment

In partnership with Blacknut's GaaS (Gaming-as-a-Service) platform and Radian Arc GPU Edge IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) platform

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Supermicro Enables Private 5G with Zero-Trust Protection

Secured 5G Enterprise Network for Commercial Deployment

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White paper

Supermicro 5G RAN Reference Architecture with Red Hat OpenShift

With the shift to 5G, the radio access network (RAN) is being transformed with virtualized network functions and commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) systems. Supermicro and Red Hat have developed a solution based on the OpenShift container platform that allows customers to more easily roll out cloud-native 5G networks.

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White paper

Supermicro And IS-WIRELESS Enabling 5G In The Open RAN Model

A Collaboration Between Supermicro and IS-Wireless Delivers Complete ORAN Solution

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Supermicro SuperMinute: Hyper-E Configurable Edge Server

Supermicro's Hyper-E 2U short-depth server delivers data center-class computing and AI with unmatched configurability to new 5G networks and the telecom Edge.

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Driving Revolutionary 5G Telco Applications with High-Density GPU Computing

Supermicro is working with NVIDIA to enable innovation with powerful, market-leading solutions that provide robust Edge to Core to Cloud performance in the 5G network.

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Carrier-Grade NEBS Level 3 Certified Servers for 5G Telecom Solutions

As 5G and Telco customers increasingly leverage industry-standard hardware for new networks and applications, Supermicro now provides servers with NEBS Level 3 certification, beginning with the extremely popular and powerful Ultra SuperServer product line.

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Supermicro SuperMinute: Outdoor Edge Systems

Supermicro’s highly configurable Outdoor Edge Systems, powered by Intel®, give data center and telco operators unprecedented new deployment options rivaling industry competitors.

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Additional Featured Products

Supermicro Wallmount Edge Server (DC Power Version)

Wallmount Edge Server (DC Power Version)

Supermicro Wallmount Edge Server with 4th Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processor

Wallmount Edge Server with 4th Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processor

Wallmount Edge Server with 4th Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processor

Supermicro 1U Short-Depth Server with Front I/O and 4th Gen AMD EPYC™ 8004 Series Processor

1U Short-Depth Server with Front I/O and 4th Gen AMD EPYC™ 8004 Series Processor

1U Short-Depth Server with Front I/O and 4th Gen AMD EPYC™ 8004 Series Processor

Supermicro 1U Short-Depth Edge Server with Front I/O

1U Short-depth Edge Server with Front I/O and Intel® Xeon® 6 Processor

Supermicro BigTwin 2U Twin Architektur mit 4 oder 2 Nodes

BigTwin® Multi-Node Server

2U 4-node SuperEdge Flexible Networking Server with 3rd generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor.

2U 4-Node SuperEdge Flexible Networking Server with 3rd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processor

Lüfterlose Server und IoT-Gateways

Fanless Servers and IoT Gateways

Additional Resources

5G and Our Planet

Supermicro’s Resource-Saving Architecture gives operators the power to build out optimized 5G networks while minimizing energy consumption and e-waste.

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Supermicro Edge Servers: Ready to Support 5G

5G presents unique opportunities for real-time computing in the right places, and Supermicro’s portfolio of Edge servers supports powerful and efficient processing in a variety of form factors.

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Open Hardware and Software for 5G

Highly Configurable Server Built for the Telco Edge – Supermicro TECHTalk

Short-Depth 5G/Edge Server – Supermicro TECHTalk

High-Performance Server for the Edge – Supermicro TECHTalk

Highly-Configurable Multi-Node Servers – Supermicro TECHTalk

Supermicro SuperMinute: Outdoor Edge

Supermicro SuperMinute: Fanless Systems

Supermicro TECHTalk: Density & Flexibility at the Edge with X13 SuperEdge Multi-Node Systems