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  • Highest storage throughput performance and application responsiveness
  • Broad support of advanced form-factors including EDSFF, U.2, and NF1
  • Petabyte-scale all-flash NVMe storage in 1U for extreme density and capacity


  • Servers Optimized for Maximum Capacity or Highest Throughput Performance

    Supermicro offers a comprehensive portfolio of all-flash NVMe SuperServer® and SuperStorage systems that support the latest Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors. The portfolio provides three fundamental design choices for customers,

    • Throughput/IOPS optimized (e.g. 1U 10 NVMe Ultra SuperServer)
    • Balanced Throughput and Capacity (e.g. 2U 24 NVMe Ultra SuperServer)
    • Capacity Optimized (e.g. 2U 48 NVMe Simply Double SuperStorage)

    The all-flash NVMe SuperServer and SuperStorage systems deliver a massive improvement in storage performance over systems based on traditional hard disk drives (HDD) and solid state drives (SSD) using legacy storage interfaces including SAS3 and SATA3. The new servers are also more power efficient than the traditional systems and have hot-plug capability for improved serviceability and availability.

    Learn more from the white paper All Flash NVMe Systems Deliver Order of Magnitude Performance and Efficiency Improvements

  • Storage Enclosures Available for Easy Capacity Expansion
    All-flash NVMe storage enclosures bring additional flexibility and capacity expansion to enable advanced deployment scenarios. For example, deploy all NVMe enclosures with Supermicro 2U 4-node BigTwin and NVMe over Fabric capable NICs to create extremely high performance composable infrastructures, learn more from the white paper Supermicro RSD High Performance Large Scale NVMe Storage Reference Design.
  • Mission Critical All-Flash Solutions for Dual-Port NVMe SSDs
    Optimized for mission-critical, enterprise-level storage applications, Supermicro's innovative Super SBB (Storage Bridge Bay) features a fully redundant, fault-tolerant "Cluster-in-a-box" system. The Super SBB is designed for dual-port NVMe/SAS drives and provides hot-swappable canisters for all active components. With heartbeat and data connection between the redundant nodes via the midplane, if one node fails, the standby node takes over and gain access to all drives (both controllers can also work as active-active mode), and keeps the system up and running. Storage management software is the key to enable this feature, which is available from other partners, please contact your Supermicro sales representative for more information.

Optimized for:

  • Enterprise Applications
  • Data Center
  • Hyperscale / Hyperconverged
  • Software-defined Storage
  • Data Warehousing
Product Features

Form Factor

1U and 2U Rackmount


Up to 24 DIMM slots, up to 6TB DDR4 memory per node, Intel® Optane™ DC persistent memory


Platinum and Titanium Level (96%) Efficiency


Open Industry Standard IPMI, Redfish APIs, Rack Scale Management


Dual or single Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor up to 205W TDP


Up to 48x 2.5" NVMe/SAS3/SATA3 drives


Up to 3 PCI-E expansion slots with flexible on-board SIOM networking options


Worldwide Global Services
Product Lines


1U and 2U Rackmount, up to 8U Blade System
Up to 12 NVMe Drives per Node
Up to 2 Processors, Maximizing the Ratio of Processors to Drives
Up to 48 DIMM Slots


Petascale 1U Rackmount
Up to 32 NVMe Drives, Maximizing the Number of NVMe Drives in 1U
2 Processors
Up to 24 DIMM Slots


1U and 2U Rackmount
Up to 24 NVMe Drives, with a Balanced Ratio of Processors to Drives
Up to 2 Processors
Up to 32 DIMM Slots


2U 2-Node Mission Critical Storage Server
Up to 48 Dual-Port U.2 NVMe Drives
2 Processors per Node
Up to 16 DIMM Slots per Node
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